Month: May 2016

Contemplation – Week 11: Reading

Hello I love reading! Do you? A few other words I could use to describe myself as a reader are: avid, compulsive, dedicated, devoted, insatiable and voracious. So it’s very timely that this week’s prompt for desleyjane’s Contemplation post is: What’s the next book you’re going to read? I am part of a book club which meets every month for a lively discussion on a…


Mundane Monday – afternoon stripes of sunshine

Afternoon stripes of sunshine in the city The city buildings create their own patterns with the afternoon sunshine – it’s good to look up occasionally! What else could it be?  An elevator moving up, a phone battery display….let your imagination go wild. Mundane Monday Challenge is hosted by Jithin at Trablogger   – it’s all about finding the beauty in mundane things ….a challenge created to…


Spare: country style

10 red Persimmons…… Here is a simple display of Persimmons found in my favourite local coffee shop Nest: Cinema/cafe/books I like the way these Persimmons are displayed in an elegantly simple, typically rural, no nonsense way; yet they still manage to look stylish in a ‘spare‘ minimalist way. Congrats to the Nest team for their creativity in all their displays of…

room trashed

iPhriday – Trashing a room

It’s Phriday – time for a laugh While in Sydney for meetings, my work colleague (and friend) decided to play a practical joke on me. This involved her ‘trashing’ my hotel room. As her room wasn’t ready I generously let her use mine until she could get into her room. She thanked me for my generosity and promptly proceeded to…


Mundane Monday – reflection

Reflection The water was so still it was hard to see where the reflection actually starts. Mundane Monday Challenge is hosted by Jithin at Trablogger   – it’s all about finding the beauty in mundane things ….a challenge created to find beauty in everyday mundane things…capture the beauty and upload the photographs. Feel free to join in! Welcome to  Mundane Monday . Deb 🙂


iPhriday – Awesomeness

It’s Phriday – that’s awesome! I love Fridays and having an afternoon cup of tea in my favourite mug is an awesome way to start the weekend.  Relax, unwind, breathe…… It doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves just how awesome we are either! iPhriday is where we get to share a photo taken with a mobile phone. Thanks to Lisa at Graydaysandcoffee for starting this Friday…


Weekly photo challenge: Happy/sad faces

Happy or sad faces? Here are two smiley faces but are they really happy faces? Sometimes smiles can be deceiving and if you knew the background to this photo you would wonder how they could smile at all, given the news they had received that day. The champagne is also a bit of a throw off – are they toasting…

city lights

iPhriday – city lights

It’s Phriday! It’s not been the best week but this view from my hotel room in the centre of Sydney was one of the good things to happen! The night view was beautiful and the sunrise was pretty good too. iPhriday is where we get to share photos taken with a mobile phone. You can see my previous iPhriday posts by clicking this link –…

Smile and quote

Wordless Wednesday 11/5/16

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday  I don’t usually add words to these  Wordless Wednesday posts believing that the picture tells the story but today is a bit different. The quote used with my photo is very fitting at the moment. This article tells a story which affects me and my colleagues. I rarely, if ever, talk about my work in my…