Mother’s Day Classic 2016

It was raining, it was cold but it was definitely fun.  We joined hundreds of people in Canberra’s Commonwealth Park for the 2016 Mother’s Day Classic,  all of us raising funds for Breast Cancer Research. It was a sea of pink despite the wet weather. I wrote a post recently about Running for a Cause and how good it feels. There were many such events all over Australia today and it’s become a Mother’s Day tradition for lots of people.

I ran again with my daughter and her husband. We have run the 5km event for the past 3 years and we love making a weekend of it. I set a target of $200 for my fundraising and thanks to many generous people I made $210 which will go to this very important cause.

I have been training well and this year I’m aiming at a sub 30 minute 5km run.  I didn’t quite get there today but  know I’m getting closer.

I must admit that I was a bit nervous as we lined up at the start and I ended up going out too fast. I felt out of breath and out of control in the first 2km but managed to get it back together and only had to walk for very short periods.  The last kilometre was hard but I pushed it to the finish line with a smile on my (very red) face. In the last few hundred metres a father running with his two young sons gave them the go ahead to sprint home.  I commented to the lady running next to me, that my sprinting pace was similar to the slow speed I was currently doing.

Despite my daughter hurting her knee and her husband slipping on some wet leaves they both finished before me but then they are much younger than me and they were only 30 seconds or so faster!  I’m happy to say that they are both fine.

I’m quite pleased with my efforts and have another event planned for July which gives me more time to continue with my training and to get to my goal time. Thanks must go to all the volunteers that encouraged us along the way, the organisers and the crowd that turned out to cheer us on despite the wet weather.  It was very much appreciated.

I can’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day – with family, with others running for a good cause and doing something I enjoy which pushes me outside of my comfort zone.

I hope all Mothers out there have enjoyed their special day too.  Being a mother is hard work but the most important job we can ever undertake.

Deb xx


6 Replies to “Mother’s Day Classic 2016”

  1. Great work Deb, glad to see you finished with a smile on your face despite the weather. I to had a good Mothers Day, thanks to my family, really good to see Warren arrive and with a beautiful bunch of flowers.

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