Mundane Monday – Incy wincy spider

Incy wincy spider


This was the sight I saw as I went to open the fridge this morning. A big huntsman spider had made himself quite comfortable on the fridge door and wasn’t fazed at all when I went to open it.  I jumped and squealed but he didn’t seem to mind that either.

He blended in really well on the stainless steel fridge and could be classed as beautiful – what do you think?

I’m in two minds about spiders – at least I know this one won’t bite me.

It certainly gave me a jolt to my otherwise Mundane Monday morning –  so I thought I’d share him with you! I edited him a bit to look a bit grungy and gave the background a bit of a pattern.

Hopefully it is mundane enough for the Mundane Monday Challenge which is hosted by Jithin at Trablogger   – it’s all about finding the beauty in mundane things ….a challenge created to find beauty in everyday mundane things…capture the beauty and upload the photographs. Feel free to join in!

Welcome to  Mundane Monday .

Deb 🙂

28 Replies to “Mundane Monday – Incy wincy spider”

  1. Ooh, they might be harmless but they still give me the heebee geebies. Great photo and maybe they could be classed as beautiful to a spider lover. But that aint me! 🙂

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    1. No I’m not sure I can be classed as a spider love either. He really gave me a scare this morning I can assure you! did have the presence of mind to grab my phone and snap him but now I don’t know where he’s moved onto!!!

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  2. I don’t know why spiders and bugs scare me and everyone else. Most are harmless, but if I had been in your shoes I might have slammed the door to the ‘frig so hard it broke something.


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    1. It was an interesting moment as my brain told me he was harmless but my reaction was to scream, slam the door and run away!! By the way he is still wandering around the place somewhere 😬


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