Not a good week! 

It seems I’m more political than I thought! I’m also very angry!

I’ve rarely shared information about my work on my blog but this week I have well and truly broken that self imposed ban. And for a very good reason.

This week we were informed that our jobs, as educators within correctional centres across the state, would be gone by the end of the year.  We would be replaced by clerks, who won’t need any educational qualifications,  and education services would be outsourced to external providers.  I have worked in this centre for 22 years and I am very distressed, as are many others.  The Minister has since stated that inmates don’t need a qualified teacher to educate them.  Well thanks very much!!

Here is a link to a recent post that has the newspaper article about the government’s decision. Smile

Interview with BuzzFeed:

How did it come about that I did an interview with BuzzFeed?  Well Gina from Buzzfeed requested an interview after seeing the press release from the Teachers Federation and I was suggested as a suitable candidate due to my experience.  I was very nervous about doing it but now I’m glad I did. I’m the NSW Teachers Federation union representative at my centre so am allowed to speak about these issues. This is the link to the interview   – please read the link for the full story and yes I did give my permission to use the photo of me dressed as WonderWoman! 

More bad news:

As if this wasn’t enough bad news, more was to come. This news also came in the same week as our Shire lost its fight over a merger proposal with a neighbouring council. You may remember that I wrote a few posts about the ongoing battle to retain our standalone status as a Shire Council – unfortunately we were forcibly merged last week and the whole town is devastated. We have all pulled together and worked so hard to stop this from happening and it all came to nothing.

Here are my previous stories on this issue: 

Tumba-bloody-rumba and The hills are alive with optimism

I am absolutely devastated and gutted by both these decisions. I’m trying to look for the silver lining but so far it hasn’t appeared. There is also the saying that as one door closes another one opens. Pffft! (Please don’t say this to me at the moment as I might bite your head off – it’s not what I want to hear right now).

So for someone who considers herself non-political I think I’m doing a pretty good job!

OK that’s it for the moment – rant over! Thanks for listening.

Over and out.

Deb x

34 Replies to “Not a good week! ”

  1. Dear Deb, thank you for your bravery in sharing your personal life on the world wide web. I know, its not easy. But your bravery is inpsiring – Ive just read the work related article and watched HG extolling the magic of Tumba-bloody-rumba. Guess what? Ignore the politicians, ignore the crap, you have a wonderful community, make it stronger. Keep being Tumba-bloody-rumbans and keep the Magic alive. I live just over the border ( when Im home) and I’d never heard of your little town. Now I have, and next time I’m back in Aus-land I will make sure I get down to Tumbarumba – after all, with a recommendation like HG’s who could resist?
    My town, Redcliffe, a little seaside town north of Brissie, also amalgamated, against the local’s wishes, some years back into the ‘greater’ Moreton Bay council. Juggling seaside towns with rural electorates never works. Decades ago they did the same on the Sunshine Coast. Only Noosa was brave enough to resist and kept its own local council.
    The world is changing rapidly, but the world still needs magic. Breathe in and know that in the midst of crazy change all you Tumba-rumbans can rise to the challenge. Put the place on the bloody map!
    As for your job, the political spin is appaling, of course “assessment and planning clerks” and “education services co-ordinators” are not teachers, and a lot of good money will go into profitteering – Im sure the owners of said companies are probably good mates with the premier – but personally , for you, it will allow you to step into something very new and wonderful….
    As our recently departed Gough once said, maintain the rage.

    Thanks for sharing – more of it, Deb. xx

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    1. Thanks so much for your supportive comments. I love your advice and will try to take it on. Our town is much more supportive as a result. I will try to look for the benefits as you suggest. 😊

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  2. I was never political but our recent governments, state and federal, have angered me into some sort of action. And I understand your concern about the merger. Some of the regional councils in Queensland forced into existence by compulsory mergers have since devolved back to their previous shires. It has worked for some, though. We’re lucky enough to have a regional council with diverse representation and they actively promote participation from each of the 13 communities within the region. In fact I spent yesterday at a Community Reference Group summit sponsored by our council. I hope you’re as lucky, but if not then I hope you devolve back to your original shires. And, in the meantime, be the voice that others can’t be.

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    1. I’m hearing you! We are a great little community and will continue on but it will be harder! I appreciate your comment and am proud to be a voice out there. Thanks again.


  3. I am so sorry to hear about this Deb, both for the loss of your job and the appalling change in the system and of the merger of the council, which I know you and your community fought so hard to avoid.
    I know first hand how wonderful your town is. I’ve been through Tumba and you and the people there should be so proud of how hard you fought to keep it the way you wanted. Just remember, regardless of the politicians, it’s still your community.
    Thanks for being brave and sharing your journey. Wish things had turned out differently for you. I send you warmest wishes Deb. xo

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      1. You’re right Deb, you had nothing to lose posting this. And after all, this is your life, no point holding back on things that are so important to you. I would love to come back and visit one day. It would be lovely to meet you.

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  4. You’re a passionate advocate of your town and your staff and so speaking out against the stupidity of government decisions is not at all surprising. As the other Deb said ‘maintain the rage’. Not to your personal detriment but against those who make these decisions. Hang in there. Know you’re awesome and an inspiration to others.
    Sharon xx

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    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your comments. I just don’t think enough is being said and done to get the message out there to those who need to see it. I’m just one little person trying to raise these issues, nothing awesome about that! But I do value your support. X

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    2. Oops. I read the champagne photo first – don’t bite my head off please :{ . So this is the first I have read of the Council closure thing. My reading of the post from last week or whenever it was, was that you had not lost your job but the rest of team had. Either way if you have been saved it is not easy especially when living in a country town. Your town/ city is really going to be feeling it.

      Well done with your media coverage. keep it up if you have the energy. Louise

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      1. Don’t worry I won’t bite your head off Louise! All our jobs are now gone by the end of the year. Our little town is grieving at the moment and the council merger issue is huge. I’ll be OK. I appreciate your comments.

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  5. Government cannot help but interfere with doctrine based changes. Our current Government does nothing but tinker with local government, the health service and education and never seem to deliver any discernible improvement. Five years ago I left my job when two local councils were obliged to amalgamate. Two councils sixty miles apart and in different administrative counties. I wasn’t prepared to have anything to do with it!

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  6. My heart aches for you Lovely Debbie. Two rotten things together. It just sucks. I empathise a bit but in different ways. The milk price has dropped and we continue to dit on horrible limbo land trying to get a new partner for our farm. Truly sometimes life dishes up rubbish despite fighting the good fight. I hope there will be a silver lining for you but can understand why right now you want to grieve xxx

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    1. Thanks Annie, that means a lot to me! I’m sorry about the milk prices too, it is an awful thing to have to deal with on top of ‘life’. I’ll be fine but I’m more worried about my younger staff – it’s not fair on them. Take care of yourself and rest up after your big run! xx

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  7. Hang in there Deb, you may still find that ‘silver lining’. So many good comments have previously been made and plenty of good advice is there for you to follow. I feel for you all after seeing first hand the work and passion that the townspeople put into the “No bloody amalgamation” fight, then to have the pollies not take a bit of notice is not on, but you are dealing with faceless people here and that makes it worse. Then to find out that you and your staff are no longer required is appalling and a great mistake by the government. Stay focused, best of luck.

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  8. best wishes 2 ya in evry way, inspirational u are to so many yes indeed!
    keep on keepin on! an pat ur self on da back fopr all u have done!
    2 kewl fer Skewl really! 🙂 …….. namaste’ 2 ya frum across da werld frum Q 🙂

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  9. What a difference a year makes. It’s lovely to see you back to your happy self – and probably a happier self than you’ve been for a while. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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    1. Thanks so much Sharon, you’ve probably heard and seen a lot during the year and I am pleased with how I’ve bounced back. I really love reading all these comments again too, the support from everyone helped so much. See you soon 🙂


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