Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: The morning after

Happily ever after....the day after my daughter's wedding looked a bit like this... I couldn't sleep in despite the huge day we'd had, so I got up and wandered around the marquee picking up bottles, collecting glasses, enjoying the presence of the wild brumbies and kangaroos, not to mention the shaft of early morning light. …

Wordless Wednesday 22/6/16 – a bendy tree

curvy tree

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday  Photo taken with my trusty iPhone 6S while out for a run.  I see this tree every time I go out for a walk or a run and  I always smile to myself.  I love the way this tree stands on its own and the slight bend half way up! Debbie  

Sweet curves

Baby sweet cheeks

The sweet curve of a baby's cheek, not to mention those curvy eyelashes! This little cutie belongs to friends and she was quite relaxed lying in my husband's arms. I just love the softness, innocence and trust that exudes from her and I can't help but be inspired with hope for the future. She has …


open hearted

This is me being openhearted just for Hugh's photo challenge.  This week the theme is open.  I was visiting friends in Sweden a few years ago and this gorgeous heart structure was an unexpected find.  Apparently many people get married or renew their vows on the beach nearby - it really was a lovely thing to come …

Mundane Monday – texture and colour


Colourful building facade  Adding a bit of colour to your  Monday so that it's not too mundane.  It's a public holiday for most of Australia today, thanks to the Queen's birthday celebrations,  so it's definitely a great way to start the week. This building is in Canberra and the size of this facade was really …

Pure Decadence

Pretty Breakfast

Pure decadence!  This is my second response to the weekly photo challenge prompt of Pure. A yummy way to start the day! “Pure” can convey wholesomeness, something undiluted, or simplicity. This was definitely not wholesome or simple but it was very decadent and delicious. It was also very pretty! Deb 🙂 My other post for …

Pure Sydney

Opera House

There's no denying that Sydney is a beautiful city. It isn't just about its location on the glorious harbour but also the history, the amazing engineering and the pure beauty of the city that captures the attention of locals and visitors alike. Pure joy, pure genius, pure beauty! There is much more to Sydney than …

Numbers are taking over my world

Steep ride in Croatia

I feel like numbers are taking over my world one at a time! Ages, kilograms, kilometres, running, pace, distance, calories in, calories out, training, time, fitbit, clock, alarms, birthdays, passwords, logins, phone numbers, money, stats, notifications on my social media accounts, views of my blog, months of work left before I'm offered a redundancy, number …

Wordless Wednesday 1/6/16

sheep at sunset

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday  I shared this on Instagram yesterday with the caption (so apologies if you've already seen it): Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep..... Debbie 🙂  

Education beats crime every day

Education beats crime

The importance of Education in jails I know I've mentioned it before on my blog (Not a good week, Wednesday 11/5/16, and this BuzzFeed interview) but I thought I'd share my latest foray into speaking out about this very important issue.  I was interviewed by a local TV station during the week and I don't know about you but I …

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