iPhriday – raindrops

It’s Phriday – raindrops keep falling!


Do you like the feel of rain on your face?

I enjoyed a walk in gentle rain this morning and have to say how nice it was to have liquid on my face which wasn’t coming from an orifice on my face, namely my left eye which has been infected all week.  I lifted my face to the sky and let the rain drip down my face as I breathed in the cool, fresh air. It was delightful!

As I watched the raindrops fall and drop into muddy puddles, I tried to capture them with my phone.  This is the best one I managed to catch and the editing has helped bring out the raindrop and the ripple effect I was after. What do you think?  It’s a bit abstract isn’t it?

I’ve been out of circulation all week as I’m considered a bit contagious not to mention my eye looks decidedly revolting, so I couldn’t possibly inflict myself on the unsuspecting public – but in all honesty I haven’t minded too much. I’ve managed to rest up and laugh at myself for being officially one-eyed.

iPhriday is where we get to share a photo taken with a mobile phone. Thanks to Lisa at Graydaysandcoffee for starting this Friday obsession.You can see my previous iPhriday posts by clicking this link – iPhriday posts.

Enjoy your weekend!

Deb 🙂


14 Replies to “iPhriday – raindrops”

  1. really cool abstract. Raindrops are hard enough to catch with a fast shutter let alone catch with a phone camera. Great job! I hope you heal up quickly!

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  2. Here’s wishing you a swift recovery, and I must say the eye that is working took a swell shot. Your post made me recall Neil Sedaka’s once popular song: “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.” He speaks of being free, with no complaints or worries, rain or no. In my opinion, it’s a positively *sparky* song, which your abstract prompted me to remember. Thanks!

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