Numbers are taking over my world

I feel like numbers are taking over my world one at a time!

Ages, kilograms, kilometres, running, pace, distance, calories in, calories out, training, time, fitbit, clock, alarms, birthdays, passwords, logins, phone numbers, money, stats, notifications on my social media accounts, views of my blog, months of work left before I’m offered a redundancy, number of days of leave to be taken….the list of numbers in my life goes on and on!

Does this sound familiar to you?

My photo this week is from our wonderful, exciting and adventurous cycling tour in Croatia. It was a great time of sailing and cycling around the islands of Southern Dalmatia. I love the sign for the fact that it doesn’t need any words to tell the story, just a squiggle and numbers…scary numbers for someone who doesn’t like riding up hills!

It also represents an achievement as I rode up and down the other side, I didn’t let the numbers put me off. (I must mention that just weeks before this tour started I had an emergency appendectomy and it was touch and go whether I would even be able to leave the country let alone cycle! It was good to have an e-bike on this occasion.)

Steep ride

A list of other everyday numbers:

1. At the gym I have so many numbers to think about – setting my alarm so that I wake in time for classes; I have to count the reps, remembering to breathe in and out at the right time; find the correct machine by its number on my personalised program; ensure the right weight is on the machine;  keep count on how many rounds of my plan I’ve done – all the while  watching the clock so I can get home in time to get ready to go to work on time.

2. Last year I talked my husband into dancing lessons for our daughter’s wedding only to find out that it was all about the numbers! Count out the steps of the waltz…1, 2, 3; the quickstep is 1,2 quick quick. My husband was initially hesitant but ended up loving the fact that it’s all about moving to patterns and shapes with his feet – aka numbers! It then became a challenge to get the patterns right, just like a numbers game! (Did I mention he’s a maths teacher and loves numbers?)

3. Temperatures here are dropping as we head further into winter, soon they’ll be in the minus zone. It depends on what the number is as to how I have to dress for the day.

4. Rain is falling and the forecast is for more heavy rain, in town the talk is all about the numbers of how much rain we’ll get.

5. I’m currently training to run 5km in under 30 minutes, I’m getting close but still have a few minutes to shave – the training takes into account lots of numbers – pace, minutes, time, distance, kilometres….one day I plan to run 10km without stopping!  This 10.0 was painted on a pavement I ran was running on and I captured it for motivation purposes!

10 kilometres!
10 kilometres – one day I’ll run all the way!

Just yesterday someone shared a video of what maths looks like if you put it to dance. It’s well worth clicking on the following youtube link if you like maths and numbers:

When a mathematician dances

I thought it was very timely given this week’s photo challenge prompt of numbers.

How about you? Are numbers taking over your life too?? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Deb 🙂

19 Replies to “Numbers are taking over my world”

  1. I hear ya Deb. Makes life sound manic. I joined the Fitbit world too and no there all those numbers and stats. Stats, stats, and more stats. And the notifications and emails telling us all this. Dalmation coast journey sound lovely. Very creative post. Oh the reps… apparently it is best to leave 5 mins break between reps now, read it in last weekends paper. How many kms are you going to do in the morning? Just joking.

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    1. I’m glad it’s not just me Louise! I wrote something similar last year but it’s all just got worse I think. I loved our riding in Croatia and maybe next year I’ll have time to do something similar again. It’s pouring here so I’m enjoying the enforced rest time with cooking, reading, catching up on blogs and my Fitbit numbers will be the poorer I know, but I don’t really care 😊 how about you?


      1. Yes it’s drizzly here and I love the excuse to potter about the house. My step count looks terrible too. I think Winter is a time to hibernate a bit and rejuvenate. I am doing some blogging and catching up around the house.

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        1. It’s lovely to have the excuse not to have to go out sometimes. I’ve been catching up on reading blogs. I’m going for the lowest fitbit count in history I think! I’ve just written a whimsical little story after a walk in the rain. I’m sure my daughters will think I’ve gone mad. Enjoy the hibernation.

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  2. I seem to be corralled by weights, grams and similar as I’m up to my ears in cooking. But yes, every day brings another numerical tyranny, beginning with the alarm clock and ending with the one on my computer as I look at it and sigh, realising its later than I thought. I even count to go to sleep though what I count will have to remain private!

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  3. I made two different soups today. One is avocado and corn, the other cream of celery. I was happily taken over making these soups, since I so love soup. Its a great way to ready your body for the rest of the things you will eat during the day. I love the preparation, which I make sure to hold down to a minimum. I also love the smells. The tasting is wonderful as well. As long as “numbers” provide a sensory experience, I’m great!

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