Big Debbie’s purple boots

One day Debbie woke up to a foggy, wet world

From inside her cozy warm cave she inspected the day.

She stayed in her pyjamas and read her book in front of the fire

But she kept looking at the rain tumbling down outside.

Debbie decided to get dressed into her wet weather gear

and head out to join the rainy day.

She ignored her best friends, her trusty running shoes

She ignored her sturdy waterproof walking boots

Instead, Debbie put on her purple gumboots and felt a change occur.

Purple boots

She splashed through the muddy puddles,

She sploshed in the mini lakes that were forming

And swooshed through the rivers snaking their way into the newly formed lakes.

She jumped (yes jumped!) in the potholes of water

She laughed at the raindrops splattering her not-quite-waterproof suit.

She stood in the muddy truck tyre tracks and lifted her face to the rain.

It ran down her face and she smiled.

It didn’t matter that Debbie was now a big girl,

Inside she was still little and her purple boots made her life fun.

By Debbie Harris 🙂

Note: This story was inspired by my daughter’s (Sarah) favourite childhood book Big Sarah’s little boots



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  1. Something told me to forget my next priority on my blog to do list and rush to read a wet walk post. It’s lovely and I think your girls won’t be surprised. At all. I don’t know Big Sarah’s Little Boots but it reminds a little bit of We’re going on a Bear Hunt or whatever the title is. All those beautiful noisy verbs. Lovely, lovely little piece. And I love that you went out and did that. Now make yourself a hot chocolate. Please put it on FB and Pin it. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much Louise!! It came to me as I was wandering about in the forest and I wrote it as soon as I got back inside. My girls loved it 😊 I’ve enjoyed a hot chai latte and a little rest. I’ll do as you say and share it, I just don’t want to annoy people with my constant posts!!

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  2. Love it! I’ve just read an article in January’s Runner’s World about bringing play into our training 🙂 Sounds like you are doing it right Debbie! The way the rain is coming down right now I might have to go out and actually run in my gummies.

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  3. Well that put a HUGE smile on my face Deb. How absolutely wonderful. Now I feel like getting out there with my Bogs and splashing around in the puddles. Gorgeous fun happy post. Perfect for a gray Sunday afternoon. 🙂

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  4. Big Debbie’s rain walk is refreshing!
    I’ll take a leaf out of her ‘book’ and walk out when it rains here, so that the little girl inside me can laugh 🙂

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  5. I can fully picture you out in this miserable cold weather having a ball laughing your head off with that special twinkle in your eye ☺ me, well i mainly did housework, cooking and cleaned out my undies, bras and socks drawers lol

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  6. Lovely story Deb, I can just picture you doing all that and such a good way to tell the story.

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  7. Beautiful and fun poetry!!

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  8. This is adorable Deb. And I LOVE your boots!

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  9. This sounds like fun! I have some black “sploshing” boots. I bought them for another use, but this “rain play” makes me what to go out and do a rain dance so I can put on my boots and have even more fun. We don’t have to be children to be spontaneous. Could I tell you stories of how a 60+ women has fun?! Yes I could!

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  10. A lovely story for children. Posted it on my Facebook page @SirChocolateBooks.

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