Vintage themed party

Hugh’s photo challenge this week is about all things vintage.

I was immediately reminded of my daughter’s Vintage themed 30th birthday party a few years ago. I made the decision to attend the bash which meant travelling halfway around the world from Australia to England all by myself.

It was the right decision. I had an amazing time.

She had arranged everything so well, the marquee, the decorations, the food, the band and even the weather!  All I had to do was find a suitable outfit to suit the vintage theme.

I decided to channel my inner Audrey Hepburn and found a delightful pair of shoes, long white gloves and cute little hand bag at the local village op shop – all for 10 pound!  I ‘borrowed’ a dress from my daughter and we had our hair and makeup done in ‘theme’.

I think we rocked our vintage looks – what do you think?

I hope I’m not too late to Hugh’s party!

Deb x


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10 Replies to “Vintage themed party”

  1. Not at all, Debbie. I’m just so shocked that you have a daughter who is over 30. I would never have believed that. You so do not look old enough to have a daughter that age. (I hope you don’t mind me saying that).
    I love the outfit you found. I’m a big fan of Audrey Hepburn. Sounds like you had a great time, which is what it is all about. A Vintage themed party sounds a great idea. I’m keeping that to myself for when I next have something to celebrate.
    Thanks for sharing the outfit with us.

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    1. Haha Hugh! I now have two daughters over 30 and the other one not far behind. I don’t mind your comments at all, I’m quite partial to a compliment 😊 I really enjoyed the dressing up and everyone got into the spirit so well. It was a fantastic night of fun with my daughter and her friends. I’m glad I made the effort. Happy to share in your challenges anytime. Thanks again.

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