Pure Sydney

Opera House

There’s no denying that Sydney is a beautiful city. It isn’t just about its location on the glorious harbour but also the history, the amazing engineering and the pure beauty of the city that captures the attention of locals and visitors alike.

Pure joy, pure genius, pure beauty!

There is much more to Sydney than these two icons but in my view they say it all. Pure Sydney!

This is my response to the weekly  photo challenge prompt of Pure.

“Pure” can convey wholesomeness, something undiluted, or simplicity.

Jen notes in her post how she loves finding beauty in the mundane, and purity in the midst of our chaotic, over-connected world.  She asks us to share a photo of something pure – a person, an object, or a moment.

Deb 🙂

23 Replies to “Pure Sydney”

  1. I love visiting Sydney — would liked to have made it to Vivid this year (I went 2 years ago) but couldn’t swing it. These photos give 2 of the Sydney icons a different feel. Well done!

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    1. Thanks! I agree they aren’t the usual postcard style photos but I like the silhouette look of early morning. Vivid is spectacular, I was there 2 years ago too. They steady create with what they can do.

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    1. Thanks Janet, it was a bit of a long shot in some ways linking them with pure but it’s what came to me so I just went with it – hopefully others appreciate the different take on pure. Enjoy the rest of your weekend 😊


  2. Pure Sydney indeed!
    Not a long shot at all, those two buildings capture Sydney at a glance! it always interesting to see different interpretations of the WP photo challenge, and always great to see the Opera House and that bridge. Whilst i love Lignum Dracos shots of the Opera House so vividly spectuacular during Vivid – i really love these silhouettes. They have captured a completely different aspect of these iconic landmarks, starting the journey to tell a story that is something much more than tourism…. great interpretation of this weeks challenge, Deb 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Debbie! Your comments make me so happy as I’m never sure if others will ‘get’ my takes on the themes. The two buildings are so ‘Sydney’, I’m really glad you like the silhouettes. As for mentioning my post in the same breath as Lignum’s work, well – I am speechless. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. ❤️


      1. My pleasure Deb. Whilst everyone’s interpretations on photos are different, to me these silohettes of yours indicate the underbelly of Sydney – something we all know exists but is hidden by the glamour of tourist attractions. Sydney is an amazing city, but never one I want to stay in for more than say, three days at a time. Whether that was your intention, I don’t know, but thats what they speak of too me…. the juxtaposition of light and shade to ‘shed light’ on an ordinary subject. If those two ‘pure sydney’ landmarks could ever be called ordinary, that is. 🙂

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