Contemplation – Week 13: Mood

Hello readers

I have to say that I’ve had the nicest weekend!  It helps that today was a Public Holiday for the Queen’s birthday (thanks Queenie) and it also helps that we went away for the weekend and had some fun.

I must admit that it was with surprise I saw Desleyjane’s contemplation post pop up tonight, I’d lost track of the week already (and it’s only Monday!).

The prompt for this week’s post is:

What was the mood of the day?


I meant to respond to last week’s post asking us to write about how we felt but I didn’t get around to it and you don’t really want to know how I’ve been feeling lately – believe me!

So it is with much pleasure that I report that the main mood for today has been upbeat, happy, content, relaxed and a feeling of being more settled than I’ve felt in a long while.

It’s been a good long weekend –  I am feeling better; I ran all the way in Saturday’s Parkrun in Canberra; I spent time with my Rotary Youth Exchange committee and students from all over the world; I spent time with family and friends; I was fed, spoilt and well looked after; I went shopping with my daughter; I rode my bike; I went for a hike with my husband, daughter, son in law and friends. The sun was shining, it was cold and crispy and life was good for me today.  I know I’m lucky and I do appreciate all that I have. I managed to put aside recent events and just enjoy the moment.

Thanks again to deslyjane for this opportunity to put into words what my mood has been today. It’s good to take stock sometimes.

You can find desleyjane’s post here: Contemplation – week 13, anyone is welcome to join in her blogging challenge by sharing your response and linking back to her post.  It’s fun!  I also like that it’s not photo based and it allows me to think, write and post as I see fit!

Enjoy the week ahead 🙂

Deb x

8 Replies to “Contemplation – Week 13: Mood”

  1. Thank goodness for some upbeat happiness in tough times. And go you Debbie, running all the way at parkrun. That is a major milestone in the old running journey. Awesome. Here’s to many more upbeat times. I tell myself that feeling happy and positive won’t change the situation but it does help me to get through it. Easy to say, hard to do.

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    1. I know what you mean Annie! It is hard but escaping for a little while was just what I needed to do. I still have to return to the same situation but I feel a bit lighter which is a nice feeling. Hope all is ok with you and thanks for your encouragement.

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