This is me being openhearted just for Hugh’s photo challenge.  This week the theme is open. 

open hearted

I was visiting friends in Sweden a few years ago and this gorgeous heart structure was an unexpected find.  Apparently many people get married or renew their vows on the beach nearby – it really was a lovely thing to come across.

I also love this photo of an ‘orange door to nowhere’ which I have used before. It really is just a door hanging around… The Rocks, Sydney 🙂

Door to nowhere


Life is interesting isn’t it, as one door closes another door opens…..

Deb x









Debbie 🙂

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  1. Wonderful post Deb, love the photos.

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  2. Indeed, it is, Debbie. I use the door quote a lot. The orange door stands out so well against everything else in its location, and the open heart is very romantic.
    Thank you so much for participating.

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  3. I “adopted” the door quote , because it teaches to be obtimistic (or ,at least, not too pessimistic)in facing everyday life!
    Love your post!

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  4. The heart looks a bit lonely without a couple standing in front of it. Patiently waiting for the lovebirds to arrive. 🙂

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  5. Deb, what a wonderful find. And equally is the photo of the door in Sydney.
    I love the final quote as well.

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  6. Great photos! Especially that door. I love doors. There’s so many types of beautiful doors all around the world. And they all tell their own stories. I wonder what this one’s is. Why does it hang there, so lonely, going nowhere? 🙂 Thanks for following my blog.

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