Run Melbourne 2016

Well I did it!  Despite my dire prediction in my Run Melbourne post a few weeks ago,  I actually ran in this 5km event!  I don’t know how I did it but I ran, I walked, I felt good, I ran some more and I really enjoyed myself. I had hardly walked , let alone run, for weeks beforehand due to a combination of illness, wet miserable winter weather and no energy.

I was feeling great when we arrived in Melbourne for the weekend after a full day of work and a 6 hour drive. I had a fun Saturday with Desley and my sister, brother in law and my husband. I ate a gorgeous chocolate dessert for lunch (see this link – Cherry on top was missing – if you don’t believe me) and enjoyed a day with sunshine and no rain. We’ve had more than enough rain lately!

My sister and brother in law had registered to walk the event so we headed into Melbourne by train with a lot of others doing the same.  Once we got into the city I was amazed by the size of the crowd, it was huge!  We joined the queue to start the race and the cold wind just cut right through us, it was freezing but at least it wasn’t raining.  It took ages to actually get to the start of the run and we jogged a bit to keep us warm.  Once we made the start we continued jogging and somehow I just kept running.  My sister had assured me not to worry if I got away from them, so I just continued with running, walking and enjoying the route, the crowds, the entertainment along the way and the supporters cheering us on.  I knew my time wouldn’t be fast but I wasn’t worried, I was happy to just feel comfortable running!

My mother had given my sister instructions that I wasn’t to run, as she didn’t think I was strong enough but even that didn’t stop me.  At one point on the turn around I passed my sister and we high fived each other and I said ‘don’t tell mum’!  The last kilometre was the longest especially as there was a real bottleneck under the bridge where we were all reduced to a walk.  It was a real shame and was the only disappointing part of the run.

At the finish line I laughed and waved my arms like a lunatic and felt very pleased with myself. I waited for my sister and brother in law to finish and managed to capture them crossing the line together.  They both did really well too. This was their second Run Melbourne but my first.

Tim and Sharon finishing together

When the official results came through I was surprised to see my time but even more surprised to see that in my age group (50-59) I had come 51 out of 283 women. Later I counted up only 10 women in my age group who had run under 30 minutes.  This had been my goal but unfortunately I couldn’t achieve it this time. So next time, watch this space!!

I can’t believe how much I enjoyed myself with no pressure, a fun crowd and a sunny winter’s day to run around the streets of Melbourne.  I was also very impressed with my new bright fluro sleeves (arm warmers), which did a great job of keeping me warm.

Everything went smoothly until my sister dobbed on me to our mother, telling her I’d run all the way!  How old did I say we were?

Deb 🙂

PS. Thanks to Tim and Sharon for sharing their photos with me. We had a great time posing before the race!


33 Replies to “Run Melbourne 2016”

  1. It was great fun – the whole weekend!! I think the energy of the crowd helps push you along. I never run usually – but there’s something about this event that makes it okay for people like me to run – and have fun.

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  2. Congrats to you! Well done and what an amazing finish placing too! So fun to read the description of how much fun you had in spite of having been so unwell prior. Cheering like a maniac over here. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Sue!! I was pretty happy with how it all unfolded I can tell you. It just goes to show what the body can do when it wants to. I’m sure the chocolate dessert helped too – carb loading!! 😊

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  3. Well done Debbie. Sounds like some enormous kind of parkrun with people running or walking or doing whatever they want. Great to see people just getting up off the sofa😀 You’ll get that elusive 30′ 5k at some point, I’m sure of it😊

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    1. Thanks Anne! It was just as you described, a huge ParkRun!! It was fantastic to see so many people out doing something so positive in the middle of winter. Many were raising money for worthwhile causes too. I loved the atmosphere and I’ll just keep lugging away now…one day I’ll get closer to the elusive 39. Thanks again for your encouragement along the way.


  4. Very well done Debbie and to Sharon and Tim too. In the words of my running friends to me ‘don’t underestimate yourself’ – good on you for a wonderful run despite being so unwell and battling those tough weather conditions in the lead up to the event.

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    1. Thanks I’m on a mission to run a much faster 5km at the moment. I really enjoy running. I often do the Lake Gininderra ParkRun when I’m in Canberra and the Mothers Day classic each year with my daughter. I’ve decided to do the city to surf next year for the first time!

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