An echidna drops by for a scratch

I hope you enjoy my short video of this echidna, who stopped by to visit us this morning. He wandered around our verandah before wedging himself under this table and proceeded to scratch himself as if no-one was watching!  We watched him through the window before I had the great idea of trying to video him. There is no such thing as privacy at our place!

Echidna’s are known for their shyness and will roll themselves into a spiky ball when confronted with any sort of perceived danger, so to see this little fellow clearly enjoying himself scratching away to his hearts content was a fantastic way to start the day.

Here are two other guests who visited us recently.  My husband was able to get up close and personal with them in the paddock and they didn’t seem to mind him taking their photo.


I think they are the cutest things!  What do you think?


PS. Sorry if you’ve already seen this video on instagram or facebook – I must admit to being a bit excited 🙂


19 Replies to “An echidna drops by for a scratch”

    1. They are such interesting creatures! At this time of year we often see a few out together but they are normally very shy and ball up when they are aware of us. This was a great capture by my husband!

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    1. I agree, they are amazing little critters. We have quite a few of them visit as they pass through our paddocks. They seem to be in a world of their own as they waddle along – not a bad way to be!

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  1. Echnida’s are pretty cute. We saw one on the side of the road today, but when we stopped to take a photo he curled up a bit and camouflaged into the grass. So I didn’t get a good pic unfortunately. I love seeing your cute Aussie wildlife in their natural habitat, not a nature park. Not so keen on the scaly or the eight legged variety though.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoy them Ruth, makes it all the more worthwhile. They are notoriously difficult to photograph which is why I was so pleased. I’m not that keen on the others either but have learnt to live with them to some extent! Thanks for leaving me a comment, it is always much appreciated 🙂

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  2. weird – I thought I replied to this and you replied to my reply, and I thought, mm, whilst I’m here, I’ll come and find Deb’s reply and reply again. Got it? Replying to a reply to a reply — BUT – i cant see it here. Did I dream it? Or did you make another echidna post? In my dream – NO, im sure it was real – your post had a picture of an echidna up close and personal, and we could all see his ( or her, how do you tell, really, with echidnas) fingernails. You replied something about how us Aussies appreciate how rare it is to actually be able to see these creatures that close and I was going to tell you my platypus sighting story.

    Put me out of my misery and tell me you have some echidna’s fingernails, hiding somewhere in the bowels of your blog..

    ( and if you don’t make one now, quick, because such a bizarre imagining would be – well, tres embrassassing!!!! 🙂

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