A rare event – Weekly Photo Challenge

An echidna drops by for a manicure – now that’s a rare event!

Echidna manicure

Following on from my previous post, which included a video of our visiting echidna dropping by for a scratch, I now share with you a close up photo of him setting up for a manicure!

Just look at those nails – I think they need some work, don’t you?  I know I’m not game enough to tackle him though!

This week’s photo challenge asks for something that stands out from the everyday- a rare image. These little creatures are very shy and it’s hard to get a good shot of them. They usually roll up into a ball when they sense anyone or anything nearby, just in case it is a danger to them and they use their spikes as a sort of armour.

To get this photo was a rare event and I’m thrilled, I love these little animals!

Deb 🙂

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13 Replies to “A rare event – Weekly Photo Challenge”

      1. glad to see i didnt just dream up echidna fingernails Deb! 🙂 .. i mean that would be a bizarre dream!

        the platypus story was just one day down in new south wales somewhere around bowraville/macksville, in a little creek in the middle of nowhere.
        i was crossing a little makeshift bridge over the little obscure but very beautiful creek and happened to look down and see a platypus.

        it was quite an amazing site and i remember it well to this day. in the days before happy snapping with mobile fones, our brains just took a memory snap and you know what, i kinda miss those days. too many digitals that i never get a chance to look at anyhow!!!

        being aware that seeing platypi is a rare occurrence, me and the person who i was with ( cant remember for the life of me, i only remember th platypus) kept stock still and just stared as the platypus swam on the surface for quite some time.

        i feel privledged to have seen the little fella swim, and remember being suprised at our small it was!

        so, echinda fingernails and small platipi – yep, we Aussies know how difficult it is to capture these elusive creatures. 🙂

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        1. Great story Debbie! I still haven’t managed to see a platypus in the wild and would love to see one. The good old days were certainly different as you say, no phone cameras to capture everything in an instant – I wonder if it made is appreciate things more?
          Always enjoy chatting with you! Have a great week.


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