#FridayBookShare – The Passage by Justin Cronin

#FridayBookShare is an excellent idea created by Shelley Wilson.  I love reading so I'm thrilled to have found Friday Book Share! The instructions are - Here's my #3 post:  The Passage (book 1 of trilogy) by Justin Cronin First line: Before she became the Girl from Nowhere - the One Who Walked In, the First and Last …

Magnetic poem #3 – Longing for summer

rain magnetic poem

I am just about over the coldest wettest winter in years and the seemingly constant spring showers.  I know this statement could be classed as blasphemous in some areas and I apologise for being so heartless. But I'm longing for some real warmth, some bright sunshine, some lightness - so when I saw the collection …

The quest for a rail trail – Weekly Photo Challenge

I have always been a bike rider.  One of the best memories from my childhood involved us getting new bikes one year for Christmas. We have a family photo somewhere of the three of us kids standing proudly displaying our new bikes and smiling so broadly - we realised how lucky we were. We were always out …

#FridayBookShare – Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

#FridayBookShare ~ an excellent idea created by Shelley Wilson.  With the weekend approaching it’s the perfect time to seek out new books to read, so Shelley created Friday Book Share to help search for that ideal read. I love reading so I'm thrilled to have found Friday Book Share! The instructions for Friday Book Share are - Here's …

Magnetic poem #2 – The waterfall

Water tumbling down near Tumbarumba at Paddy's River Falls

Today's poem was inspired by a magnificent waterfall, Paddy's River Falls, which is very close to our little town of Tumbarumba (in New South Wales, Australia). I've matched my waterfall poem with some photos and video just so you can share my delight. My sister and her husband came for a visit over the weekend, on a …


My sister likes to write stories from our childhood, this one just happens to involve me as an axe wielding big sister!
Enjoy – please note that I have apologised profusely over the years!

Musings from the cold

This is Debbie, my big sister. She doesn’t look much like an axe murderer (mostly because she isn’t) but she did come close a number of years ago.

She looks innocent enough now! She looks innocent enough now!

When I say ‘a number of years’ I’m talking about the late 1960s, so really, quite a long time ago now, when neither of us had yet reached the age of ten.

Our parents had bought a block of land on which to build a house. Dad decided that it would be quite fun to clear the block himself and so after work (for him, school for us) and on the weekends we’d head up to the block and he’d dig up trees and rocks and such like.

As Dad wielded an axe, Debbie, in a moment of father-emulation, took up the tomahawk.

Sharon, said she, hold that rock while I chop it. She knew how this worked…

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Magnetic poem #1

I found this magnetic poetry challenge on the home of the elusive trope's  Specks and Fragments blog and promptly read the guidelines  as it intrigued me.  I discovered that it was quite an addictive and fun way to while away a few hours on a Sunday evening. What's it about? It's a fun activity where you …

Mirror, mirror on the wall – Weekly Photo Challenge

elevator, lift, reflection, mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall... I knew this photo would come in handy one day!!  I was in the lift in a Sydney hotel recently after completing an early morning walk around the city. I looked up and this was what I saw - reflections stretching into infinity.  I love the light, the reflection and …


fallen trees

My walk today was more like an Olympic obstacle event.  I was entered into the steeplechase, hurdles, running and the walking events.  Not quite a pentathlon. We have had so much rain lately that everywhere I walked there were trees down across the tracks and muddy puddles to negotiate. I had to problem solve every few …

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