My walk today was more like an Olympic obstacle event.  I was entered into the steeplechase, hurdles, running and the walking events.  Not quite a pentathlon.

We have had so much rain lately that everywhere I walked there were trees down across the tracks and muddy puddles to negotiate.

I had to problem solve every few metres, I had choices to make – either go around, under, over or through the fallen trees.  At one stage I even thought of retracing my steps but I had just managed to get through a huge tree so decided that wasn’t an option.

Considering how angry I was when I started out, I found the constant planning on how to manoeuvre around these obstacles a great distraction. I really enjoyed the challenges.

Life’s a bit like that too isn’t it?  We never know what it will throw at us but we have to be ready to negotiate our way through it and be open to change.

fallen trees
fallen trees in the gully

As I walked and ran and sang at the top of my voice my anger dissipated as the fresh air flooded my body. The rain event of the past few days had left its mark on the ground around me in the form of muddy tracks and puddles and I enjoyed the challenges and the obstacles.

If only it was that easy and enjoyable all the time!

Deb 🙂

PS: In case you are wondering what I was angry about, read this post.

3 Replies to “Fallen”

  1. I hear ya. I always find that a walk through the thick trees, or a trip to the gravelly beach, is all it takes to dissipate my anger or stress. I like that photo. It reminds me of the 11 acres I lived on as a kid. Yes, Life throws many obstacles at us, the people who can evade them like a eagle, are the ones who end up having the happiest lives.

    Thanks for reminding me of that.

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    1. Thanks for your great comment, I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly. With what’s going on in my world at the moment I find I need a good walk/run more often to get rid of the stress. Thanks for your visit to my world.

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