Magnetic poem #1


I found this magnetic poetry challenge on the home of the elusive trope’s  Specks and Fragments blog and promptly read the guidelines  as it intrigued me.  I discovered that it was quite an addictive and fun way to while away a few hours on a Sunday evening.

What’s it about?

It’s a fun activity where you are given a group of words on replica magnetic tiles, to move about in order to create a poem. Once I’d created my poem I was able to copy it so that I could use it here in my post.  I chose the Nature themed tiles for my first creation.

Here’s a quote from the guidelines which explains it all quite well.

Click on this link and you are taken you to the page where you can choose between the online kit options: original kit, nature poet, geek, mustache poet,  poet kit, and love kit.

Once you choose which you wish to use, you are provided with about 45 words. If the words don’t strike you as appealing, you can click the “start over” button as many times as you want until you get a collection of words that do seem appealing.

You also have the option of clicking the “more words” button in order to give yourself more words to go along with the original offering.

So it’s up to you how you want to approach the means by which words you have. The key is to have an enjoyable time.

I’m quite pleased with my first effort and can categorically say that I had an enjoyable time!

I’d be interested to know what you think of my first magnetic poem.


Note: I didn’t save my poem to the actual site but simply took a screen shot so that I could use it in my post.

18 Replies to “Magnetic poem #1”

  1. Good job, Deb. It is positive, philosophical and image rich. A friend had one of these magnet sets of themed words on her fridge and her family used to come up with some interesting results. I bought a set and my boring family didn’t make one attempt, despite my attempts to make clever combinations as an example.

    You have piqued my interest to check out this guy’s blog. Have a good week. Louise

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    1. Thanks for that Louise. I don’t know if I did it correctly (in regards to saving it) but I enjoyed thinking creatively with words instead of pictures for a change. I’m so glad you could see my message. Go and have a look at his blog, I’m sure he’d be pleased with my recommendation.
      I enjoyed your latest post too by the way.

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  2. Lovely; and a great idea. I have a couple of packs of physical magnetic poetry that use to be stuck to our fridge. Nice idea, hardly used once we got used to seeing it and took ages to take all the itty bitty tiles off when I decided we’d had enough. Online forever!!


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