Magnetic poem #3 – Longing for summer


I am just about over the coldest wettest winter in years and the seemingly constant spring showers.  I know this statement could be classed as blasphemous in some areas and I apologise for being so heartless.

But I’m longing for some real warmth, some bright sunshine, some lightness – so when I saw the collection of words for today’s poem, it almost wrote itself. The pleading tone sort of gives away my feelings a bit doesn’t it?

I’m really glad to have found this magnetic poetry Saturday challenge on the home of the elusive trope’s  Specks and Fragments blog, although I save it up for a Sunday activity.

I’m happy to share this post, Friday Magnetic musings, which is a roundup of all the brilliant poems created, so you too can see what everyone is coming up with from random magnetic words.


Deb 🙂



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  1. Yes I think it’s the winter of your discontent – in more than the rain sense. If that makes sense. you’ve aced the poem again.

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    • Thanks for your understanding Louise and insightful comment. We have had small periods of sunshine but nothing longer term and it gets to you after a while doesn’t it? I’m having fun using this magnetic poem as a creative outlet. I’m off for a walk now before it rains again!

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  2. Excellent poem. I hear you, it’s so depressing when it just keeps raining. It even rained here in sunny Sydney today.

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  3. Come up and visit, the weather here is lovely, 25 degs yesterday, a little warmer today.

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  4. I hope you get your sunshine soon.

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  5. Your magnetic poem sums it up perfectly. I’m over the cold and wet too … Roll on Summertime . 🌞

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