Wordless Wednesday – demise of the bendy tree

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday 

wood pile

On this very spot used to stand my favourite tree, ‘bendy tree’ which I would silently greet every time I went out for a walk.  Today on my walk this pile of newly harvested trees was in its place.  The thing is that my bendy tree was a gum tree, not a pine tree, but it must have been caught up in the harvest.

Here’s a picture of my bendy tree before its untimely demise.

curvy tree

I wrote this post about my bendy tree for  Wordless Wednesday back in June this year, so it’s quite fitting to feature it again in this week’s Wordless Wednesday! It has sadly been taken out of action.


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  1. I had a moment of silence for your bendy tree and it’s sad, abrupt end.

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  2. That bendy tree really was bendy! I’m sorry to hear it that it’s no more. 😦

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  3. Memories are so beautiful, they always stay with us if we want them, right Debbie?
    Such a beautiful tree, sad to know it is no more standing and spreading the joy that it gave out.

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  4. Trees become good friends, sorry to hear about bendy tree x

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