Wordless Wednesday – the big wet continues

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday 

Storm cloud

Stormy sky

A new river

A river has appeared in the paddock!


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  1. Oh dear although looking on the bright side, the ‘wet and stormy’ weather has created a beautiful photograph.. I love the pink blossom against that dark sky! I hope you see the rainbow soon xx

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    • Thanks Wendy, I can always see the bright side but sometimes I don’t want to see it! I wonder what that says about me? I’m glad you can see the pink blossom against the stormy cloud as that was what I wanted to capture in this photo. Today is sunny and warm so I’m very happy as I also have the day off work.

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      • Yes – the blossom seems to shine out from the photo – absolutely lovely.. You captured it perfectly! I’m glad your enjoying some sunshine today and hope you enjoy the rest of it on your day off – mid week days off are so enjoyable! For me it’s bed – a good day over and looking forward to a great day tomorrow.. xx

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  2. Blues skies and sun down here for a couple of days. Hope they come your way soon.

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  3. Looks even worse than my backyard! But perhaps not for long; we’re in the middle of a thunderstorm with really heavy rain. 🙂

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  4. Hope you are seeing some rainbows too!

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