H2O experiment – Weekly Photo Challenge

Water, water everywhere.

I have had just about enough of water, as I have mentioned in my last few posts. I don’t mean to whinge but it has been a very wet spring with our annual rainfall usually 985mm a year. So far this year we are already well over 1200mm with almost 3 months of the year still to go!

This week’s photo challenge, hosted by Lignum Draco – H2O  asks us to experiment with water. He has used an excellent photo of the Sydney Opera House taken during the Vivid Light festival which has captured the rain as trails rather than droplets.  He is  a very talented photographer! I, on the other hand, am not!

But it just so happens the other day I was out walking in the forest and I took this simple shot of bubbles in a runoff area of rain water.  The water had banked up and created these bubbles in the puddle.  I loved the bubbles but the photo was nothing to write home about.

Bubbles in a puddle

I decided to play around with the photo and used the Over app on my phone to create a different sort of look for my bubbles.  I love the science fiction feel they now have in this edited photo.

Science fiction bubbles

I must admit to having a good imagination and am currently reading some fantasy novels so I think the ‘out of this world’ idea came about due to a collision of these two forces.

You might think differently to me and that’s fine.  I like my ‘souped up’ bubbles and think they fit in with the theme for this week’s photo challenge quite nicely.  I was experimenting with water so I’m pleased to share it with you!

If you’d like to see some real flowing water head over to my post The Waterfall which features not only my poem about the waterfall but also a video of the actual waterfall!

Deb 🙂

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15 Replies to “H2O experiment – Weekly Photo Challenge”

  1. Love the way you’ve colored up the bubbles Deb, they look great and I have to agree have a tinge of the sci-fi in them. And how ironic that I’ve just posted a waterfall post. Great minds think alike, I guess it’s all this water and rain around that’s done it (though hopefully it’ll slow down now).

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  2. I’m with you Debbie, where is the off button for all this rain? But it’s not slowing down any around here. On a positive note this time last year we were about to start irrigating which hopefully we won’t have to do much at all of this spring/summer.

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        1. You made me laugh with your comment. I didn’t think my personality was that obvious through the medium of blogging 🙂 Have a read of my latest poem I just posted – it might make you smile!


          1. Yes Deb I just did after i read this one and I did smile and giggle to myself. And without even looking at the About page I remember when i first discovered your blog and I read quite a few posts, this is way before I followed you (because that is what i used to do then) that I remember you said people described you as a hummingbird on speed. That’s saying something and scary. But you know I’m sure it’s true! Anyway – your About link is not working on the poem page….

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            1. Thanks for letting me know, I have just been in and fixed up the link. Don’t know what went wrong there but I appreciate your message. I’m going to have to slow down soon and I’m starting to wonder what I’ll actually do once I’m made redundant!!!


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