Keeping it local – Weekly Photo Challenge

Local = Put your money where your house is

Local is the prompt for this week’s photo challenge and Jen H asks us to share what “local” means to us, and show where our heart is.

“Home” is more than where we sleep at night. It is a place that is familiar and comforting, and it gives us a sense of belonging. Home is what and who is local — the places and people we know by heart.

I always seem to be blogging about where I live and sharing photos of my beautiful little town but I’m happy to do so again just for you!

As I walk, run or cycle around my local area I often wonder how others might see it. Sometimes I take it all for granted as complacency sets in. It may not be as exciting an area as other places in the world but it’s good to look with fresh eyes and see it as others might.  The forests and trees and big skies I love seeing when I’m out and about, are everyday views to me, but to others they might be something akin to heavenly views.

So, as I set out on my Saturday morning social bike ride, I decided to look and ‘see’ the local area around me as if through the eyes of a stranger.  I ended up riding on my own on Saturday as the girl I started out with wasn’t feeling too good and went home after the first few minutes of riding. (I promise I didn’t say or do anything to put her off!)  The larger group of riders had already set out on their ‘harder’ ride and I wasn’t able to join them, so I made the most of the quiet time and continued on my own.

It was a lovely ride! Peaceful, pretty and at just the right pace for me 🙂  I listened to the birds, I smelt the spring blossoms, I admired the special greenness of newly unfurled leaves as well as the green paddocks that have had so much rain they can’t be any other colour than English rural countryside green – despite this being the land down under.


Home for me is Tumbarumba which is a small rural town in New South Wales in Australia.  Here’s a map:

We are almost halfway between Sydney and Melbourne with a population of about 2000 in the local area.  We’ve lived here since 1991 and we love the lifestyle,the community and the scenery.  You may think we would be considered as ‘locals’ by now but there’s a saying that you aren’t accepted as a local until the last person who remembers you coming to town has died!

Anyway back to my ride….here are some photos I stopped to take especially for you. Please note they haven’t been edited in any way, no filter was required to enhance these gorgeous sights. I really enjoyed my ride and the opportunity for some time to be mindful, to be present and aware.

Like many other small towns, we have the issue of trying to keep ourselves economically viable.  Our riding group meets every Saturday for a ride around town, just until we get our Rail Trail happening (see my recent post The Quest for a Rail Trail for more about this issue) and then we all end up in a local cafe Nest Cinema Cafe for a drink and social chit chat. It’s good for the cafe, good for us and good for the town’s economy.  We could all just as easily go home but it’s become a part of our morning ride ritual.  Many who don’t ride still come to join us for a coffee and a catch-up chat – it’s the thing to do if you’re in town on a Saturday morning!  Feel free to join us when you are next in town.

The local bakery is also a great spot for yummy things and their sign says it all.

I like this saying – Ghost towns happen when you don’t shop local!

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about  my local area.  It’s got a lot to offer and I love living here. Is your ‘local’ anything like my ‘local?

Thanks for visiting!

Deb 🙂

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17 Replies to “Keeping it local – Weekly Photo Challenge”

  1. Hello Debbie!
    All local spots are enchanting if only we stop to see them with ‘new’ eyes.
    Your place is lovely and you are fortunate indeed.
    Ah yes! I love the name: Tumbarumba has a fun, fairytale feel to it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very true! I’m glad you can see my local area through my eyes. The name is fantastic isn’t it? It means hollow sounding ground as the kangaroos hopping over the hills made the booming sound. It’s an onomatopoeia word.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Debbie it looks gorgeous. Yes I saw the emu! Is he wild? I laughed at the your not a local till the last person who remembers you coming to town is dead. Yikes! My local looks quite different living in a city of 1.3 million. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sue! Yes we all have different ‘locals’ and it’s good to share with others. Our town is considered a bit hillbilly by those down the hill and we often get asked to see the scar where our second head has been removed!! Yikes indeed. 😊. Thanks for sharing your local.


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