A trusty network

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The Trust inherent in a ballet production is an amazing thing to see in action.  I can’t remember when I last went to the ballet.

Our Bookclub has wanted to go on a significant outing for years and on the weekend we finally made it happen.  Cue much excitement!! We had tickets to see the Australian Ballet perform Giselle at the Civic Theatre in Wagga Wagga, as part of their regional tour. Our accommodation, dinner and breakfast on Sunday morning were all booked and off we went!

The weather cleared up for us, turning on warm spring sunshine as we drove the 110km to Wagga.  We checked into our quaint accommodation, relaxed and chatted over drinks before dinner and walked the few hundred metres to the most delicious Thai meal I have ever had.  After gorging ourselves in an eating frenzy we then walked to the theatre and joined some other friends all hyped and ready to enjoy the Australian ballet performance of Giselle.

The ballet did not disappoint with the performance a beautiful, mesmerising and brilliant event in all ways.  The second act was especially amazing with the amount of ‘technical ballet’ – I’m not sure if that’s the word to use, but it seemed to me to be a far more classical style of ballet.  The costuming was delightful and the music thrilling.  Luckily some of us had researched the story of Giselle and we were given a synopsis as we entered the theatre.  It felt a bit odd having no dialogue but the music was enough to support the dancing to get the story across to us.  We talked non-stop afterwards about the story, the dancers, the skill they showed and the trust they had in each other particularly the male and female leads.


After the ballet, our band of happy book clubbers moved onto a well known nightspot for a nightcap before heading back to our accommodation.  We were ready with our ID but alas the security guards weren’t interested in checking if any of us were underage!

Up early to another glorious day and onto our next eating engagement – breakfast! We managed to combine breakfast with a discussion about this month’s book Salvation Creek by Susan Duncan.  We also managed to organise our Christmas party without any drama – this was amazing considering we are all busy women/mothers with lots going on.  We managed to pick a date and so far everyone can make it! Bazinga!!

Trust is an important aspect of a Bookclub, as we share lots of personal thoughts and insights when we discuss the books we’ve read. It is vital that we trust each other and feel safe to say what we think with honesty.

We normally meet at a member’s house on the third Monday of each month, so a Sunday breakfast outing was very special.  Surprisingly, we talked for ages about the book and discussed everyone’s various views.

Here’s a photo of us enjoying breakfast:


The weekend as so much fun we are already planning to make it an annual event.

Thanks for reading this post written for the Daily Post challenge with Trust as the prompt.

Deb x


3 Replies to “A trusty network”

  1. What a lovely weekend away and to see a ballet how beautiful. I think technical is the right term Deb.Well done discussing a book over breakfast we struggle with that one on our weekends away.

    Yes trust is important “what’s said in book club stays in book club” that’s our motto. Our’s was formed about seventeen or eighteen years now. We actually manged to get interstate down to Hobart and MONA this year and did the ghost night tour around Battery Point which was great. We really struggle to get a time to suit all thirteen of us.

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    1. Thanks Louise, it was such fun! Our bookclub has been going for over 25 years and is made up of a wonderful group of women. We’re all friends so that helps with the trust issue. Your trip sounds great too and finding a date that suits everyone is hard work but well worth it. Lovely to hear of your bookclub.

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