Finding Zen in gardening and poetry

Finding Zen in gardening and poetry

A while ago, I was inspired to plant some bright colourful flowers in my sunroom/conservatory/hothouse/she-shed/glasshouse/orangery – call it what you will – and I marvelled at the peace that one gets when digging, planting and creating something new.

It’s a kind of zen feeling isn’t it? Maybe I should do it more often.

I took some photos of my happy flowers to share with you.

Writing helps clear your head

Peace and harmony through blossom

a tendril of vivid spring

murmurs sweetly like intuition

to grow a wild garden

full of beautiful happy flowers

is pure love for this world


Writing anything can be therapeutic and I go through stages where I like to write poems, stories or lists! I find it gets my mind into a peaceful place and I let go of some of the other thoughts whirling around in my head. Using these magnetic poetry sets helps focus my attention and I love the end results.

In case you weren’t aware there are several poetry sets to choose from: Nature, Poetry, Love, Original, Geek and Mustache, and the words fit each theme. The strips of words are chosen at random and I use my ‘creativity processes’ to compose them into a poem (of sorts). I also impose a time limit on myself but that may only be because I’m a bit of a control freak! Seriously though, otherwise I could sit all day working on my poem 🙂

On this occasion I had fun using the Nature magnetic poetry kit due to my somewhat uncommon gardening activity. (Uncommon because I don’t do it very often!).

This is what the magnetic poem looks like after I’ve completed dragging the fragments around:


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Do you find this feeling when you write or create something? Photography also gets me feeling like this, maybe it’s the creativity of the activity that helps free the brain.

Have a great week – wising you peace and harmony!

Deb 🙂

Updated in April 2019 and linking up to Min’s Zen Tip Tuesday

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17 Replies to “Finding Zen in gardening and poetry”

    1. It’s a macro shot, but I do like your description! It’s like a Herbert so not huge.
      Yes I have a polycarbonate glasshouse sunroom/cubbyhouse in the back yard and I love it especially in winter and spring. I grow flowers or veges depending on how I feel or I just sit and read out there. It’s warm and full of light and makes me very happy.

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    1. I love springtime too so the sunshine has been welcome in lots of ways. I love the action of sitting down to write a poem each Sunday and finding inspiration all around me. I’m glad you like my poem too as your comments are always highly appreciated. Let’s hope it warms up soon 😊☀️️

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  1. Gardening (as long as not too physical) brings zen to me too Deb! Something about digging in dirt and watering is so relaxing. I also love looking at the fruits of my labour – the garden, the flowers, the new growth, the buzzing insects, etc. Beautiful photographs of the flowers in your sun room (so love that room!!). Thanks so much for linking up with #ZTT xo

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    1. Thanks Leanne, it was a phase I went through a while ago. I must say I enjoyed the calming way I felt when putting the words together.I love your descriptive word ‘thingie’ 🙂


  2. Hi Deb, I’ve never heard of magnetic poetry and always felt I couldn’t write in this way. I might take a further look to extend myself. Gardening is a passion which I’ve never really been able to follow. Now we are in an apartment I hope to have a balcony garden. I find sitting in the garden so relaxing and peaceful and always wonder at the beauty of flowers and plants. It just makes you feel so good. #ztt

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    1. It’s good fun to have on the fridge Sue and you move the strips around to make poems or stories – a great family activity! I’m not really into gardening so I really appreciate my husband’s efforts in this area. I am good at doing lots of admiring with positive comments 🙂


  3. Oh you are a creative soul! Loved the flowers and the poetry. For ages we had both magnetic letters and strips of words for the grandkids and us to make up sentences…I think I gave them away (like everything!). Making poetry like that would be fun for me, a non-poet but who enjoys words.

    Denyse x

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    1. I consider myself a non-poet too but I enjoyed the times I did this challenge. I found by giving myself a time-limit I didn’t let it go for too long which I needed, just get in and out quickly 🙂 . Thanks for your comment.


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