Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge #8 – Language


Over the weekend I visited my sister who isn’t too well. She has a magnetic poetry set on her fridge so I wrote her a poem to cheer her up! When she gets home she will see my poem and hopefully it will make her smile.

My sister is an academic and loves words so I wrote her a poem about language. I must say it was weird using the little magnetic tiles instead of doing it on the computer.  I then took a photo of my creation and decided to use it for this week’s Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge. As usual I tried not to think too much and gave myself a time limit.

Your thing is language

raw chanting music

a luscious whisper

of wind & sky and beauty

thousands of pictures

beating together in time

You can see what the others have created at the weekly wrap-up over at Specks and Fragments.  

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Have a great week – use your words wisely!

Deb 🙂



11 Replies to “Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge #8 – Language”

  1. I think this is your best one yet Deb. It was lovely to wander into the kitchen and see it on the fridge – a little piece of you left behind. Come back anytime to write poetry on my fridge!!

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    1. That’s lovely to hear. thanks for the kind invitation I will be back. I watched s move called ‘What if’ the other night and it started with a scene at a party where the two lead characters bonded over the magnetic poetry on the fridge door!! Made me think of your fridge and my poem.

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