On being made redundant…..

My thoughts on being made redundant Meaning: not or no longer needed or useful; superfluous. Synonyms:  Unnecessary, not required, inessential, unessential, needless, unneeded, uncalled for, dispensable, disposable, expendable. unwanted, useless  Back in 2016, I was sitting and talking with my sister at her hospital bed and it was therapeutic for both of us.   For …

Reader Spot – Meet #BookReviewer Debbie Harris @Wonderwomandebz #YA #histfic #crime

Books and a cuppa

This is a great post by Shelley Wilson and I’m not biased at all! If you enjoy reading I’m sure you can relate to this in some way. Check out Shelley’s great blog and you might like to be involved/featured just like I was in this segment.

Shelley Wilson Author

Here on the Reader Spot, I share the bookish love of our avid book reviewers. From young adult to historical romance, chick-lit to a murder mystery, they know what they like, and they’re happy to share.  Whether you are a reader looking for a new book, or a writer wondering what your reader wants, I hope you find this series enjoyable.

Next up to the Reader Spot is the very lovely, Debbie Harris. Find her beautiful book review blog HERE.

debbie-harris-debs-world-blogWhat genre do you enjoy reading?

I enjoy reading just about anything – mainly fiction, YA, fantasy, apocalyptic drama, time travel, historical fiction, crime thrillers (especially Scandinavian Noir lately) – if it can grab me in the first few pages then I’ll stick with it. One book I just couldn’t get into was the Life of Pi, although I did enjoy the movie years later. I rarely give up on…

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