Organised chaos – Weekly Photo Challenge

Bike chaos


Chaos is the prompt for this week’s photo challenge – let’s embrace disorder and its creative power.

I very nearly deleted these photos from a trip to Sweden a while ago, as they looked too messy and chaotic!  We love visiting countries like Denmark and Sweden for their accepting attitude to bikes.  These sorts of photos really appeal to me.

You see, there are more bikes in this one photo than there are people living in my whole town!  I always find myself wondering how people find their bikes, do bikes get stolen and is there any order in this chaotic mess?  I have trouble finding my car in a huge car park let alone my bike amongst all these.


This photo is a bit more neat and orderly but still way more bikes in one spot than I usually get to see.


We loved this parking station due to the fact that it has two tiers of storage – very impressive indeed! This one looks very neat and not very chaotic at all.

I should tell you that while I’m writing this post my house is in chaos and I’m procrastinating big time!  I’m supposed to be packing for a few weeks away.  Yes we’re off to New Zealand’s South Island for a few weeks of cycling and I haven’t even started packing. I have various piles of stuff all over the place and wouldn’t embarrass myself by taking a photo of it all to share.

So bikes are on my mind at the moment, along with travel and what should I pack.  I’m just taking a few minutes out from my chaotic mess and then I’ll be back into it.  I have all day!  My husband has packed already, he’s the neat orderly one and he’s out for the day so I’m left to my own devices.  I officially started holidays yesterday afternoon so am easing into it with a sleep in, reading my book and blogging.  I’ll get to the other stuff soon 🙂

I’m waiting for the creative power of all this chaos to kick in!

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24 Replies to “Organised chaos – Weekly Photo Challenge”

    1. Thanks Irene. It is so good to see all the bikes and everyone using them to get around as you say. We are mainly cycling on the Otago Rail Trail so I’m hoping there aren’t too many hills as I’ve not done very much training! It should be fantastic and my first time to NZ.

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  1. Hi Deb! The minute I saw that photo, I thought “Denmark”! But it was Sweden, heheh. In Finland people are not so into biking as in Denmark, so you don’t usually see such chaotic bike parking spaces. Now we have snow, so it’s only the brave who bike in that 😉

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  2. Crikey! There’s a song about nine million bicycles in Beijing… I bet eight million of them are now in your first photo!!! 😀
    Hehehe. You’ve done well with this theme, Deb – thank goodness you saved the photos.

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  3. I’m waay more relaxed about packing for a trip across the pond than for any other, so I totally understand. I guess it’s a bit different if you’re cycling, unless you have a handy van/car to move your luggage? But as long as you have comfy shorts, a lightweight rain jacket, helmet and insect repellent you’ll be sweet. “For everything else, there’s MasterCard” — apparently. Enjoy!

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