Travel blog – New Zealand 

Day 1: Queenstown and surrounds 

Waking up to this view from our Queenstown apartment after getting in late last night. Yep that’s snow up there on The Remarkables. 

Room with a view! 

Out for an early morning walk along the lake. 

Driving to Glenorchy and stopping every few kilometres to take photos of amazing scenery! 

Glenorchy had a great little pub full of interesting bits and pieces. Just ask my husband about the reading material in the men’s toilet! 

The scenery was spectacular. 

We visited Glenorchy for morning tea and Arrowtown for lunch. What quaint little places! 

Travelling with good friends is always fun! 

I ❤️ holidays! 


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  1. Looking forward to following your holiday! Brings back memories. Love the pictures.

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  2. Glad all going well so far, love the apartment and views, looking forward to following your journey.

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  3. looks amazing! I can’t wait to visit New Zealand. great post

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  4. I’m really going to enjoy this holiday with you. What a great way to start. Glenorchy/Kinloch is one of our favourite places in NZ.Looking forward to more.

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  5. Gorgeous photos! I hope you’re having a great time over in Inn Zid x

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  6. Looks fantastic Deb. Spectacular photos.

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  7. Great photos, makes me miss Queenstown!

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  8. Awesome, really enjoyed it. I have also started to write a blog on road trip. Any feedback would be appreciated, Heaven on Earth:

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  9. Nice! I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to go in New Zealand someday. Great post by the way

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  10. Nice! I can’t wait to visit New Zealand someday, by the way great pictures

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  11. One of my best friends is from NZ and she’s moving back this year. I’m sad, but we also can’t wait to visit her! Also, Neil wants to visit the penguins!

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