Travel blog – New Zealand #3

Day 3: Queenstown, gondola ride, sunshine, bike riding, wandering

Today was our last full day in Queenstown so we decided to do some of the local attractions before we move on. Grant chose to walk up the very steep slopes to Bob’s Peak while we caught the Skyline gondola – a much easier way of getting to the top!

This long white cloud caught our fancy on the way to town.

We watched the para gliders do their stuff walking off the edge of the mountain, the luge riders coast down the track and the mountain bikers head off into the forest for some serious fun. The bungy jumpers and zip-line riders were out in force too, it was a very busy place.

After taking in the views from up on top we headed into town for a Cuban lunch experience before looking for bikes for hire. We managed about 25kms around the Queenstown Trail on mountain bikes and had a blast!

Another very enjoyable day in beautiful New Zealand. Tomorrow we move on to start cycling our Otago Rail Trail section of the trip.

Our Queenstown adventure included wandering through the gardens, along the edge of the lake, sampling delicious ice cream,  browsing around the shops and eating out as well as cooking for ourselves in our fabulous Oak Shores apartment.
Have I mentioned that  I ❤️ being on holidays?


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