Thursday Doors – November 24 2016

The Albatross door

Albatross door

I spotted this door while walking around Dunedin in New Zealand after we’d been to the Royal Albatross Centre.

It was a wild, wet and windy day but the seagulls were loving it.  They were riding the wind like professionals and made it look like so much fun. We laughed them attempting to land and being blown up and away again.We even spotted an albatross circling above us.

This may not be the most attractive door but it means something special to me and it’s very clever.

My father was based at HMAS Albatross (in Nowra NSW) for many years, so whenever I see an albatross anywhere it makes me think of dad. I’ll be sure to show him my pictures next time I see him!

It’s always lovely to join in with door lovers around the world for  Thursday Doors.

Deb 🙂

PS. I’m still away on holidays so apologies for not being around lately to read blogs and interact very much apart from posting my sporadic New Zealand Travel Blog posts.  I’ll be back into the swing of things soon I promise.

16 Replies to “Thursday Doors – November 24 2016”

  1. The albatross is very special to you indeed – and I LOVE this door
    Tit is an art door – and the details of the grill (inside of the bird) are seen.
    And I. We’re some beach 🌊 tonight!
    And imaging the wind that day!

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