Anticipating anticipation – Weekly Photo Challenge

Is it possible to anticipate anticipation?  I like to think so. With summer holidays upon us and family members from near and afar preparing to gather, I am anticipating the anticipation of us all being together again for the first time in over a year. I love spending time with my family 🙂  My three …

Wonderlusting around the world

My blogging buddy Miriam has compiled this list of places around the world to visit featuring posts from fellow travel bloggers. I’m thrilled to have my recent New Zealand cycling trip included in her post. Have a read and maybe add some of these places to your list of ‘must see’ travel destinations!

Out an' About

I need another lifetime to travel to all the places I want to see. To experience even a fraction of the wonders in the world.

Though I’ve traveled widely I’ve yet to see even half of my own country (hopefully that will be rectified next year) yet still the allure of overseas cultures and countries is strong.

Recently I was asked by fellow adventurer from A Wandering Memory what my top destinations I’d love to visit are. So here they are, together with the bloggers who inspire and bring these places alive for me.

Sit back, grab a cuppa and prepare to be transported around the world.

oldplaidcamper-sunny-enoughPhoto Courtesy OldPlaidCamper

1. Rocky Mountain High

Call me Heidi reincarnated but since I was a little girl I’ve loved the mountains. The spectacular vistas of Canada have always held enormous appeal particularly  when I read the adventures of my Canadian bloggers.


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Wordless Wednesday – goodbye and good luck!

Farewell cake

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday  Farewell cake for the teaching staff at our centre,  as we've all been made redundant - not much more to be said!  It was a very yummy cake 🙂 Debbie PS.  I'll change the subject soon I promise - just a few more days to go until I finish work so please bear with …

Vanish, invisible mending – a poem I found

While cycling in New Zealand recently I found this poem in a delightful little book about the local area. Reading through it, I found it really hit a chord with me.  The book was one of many available for visitors to flick though in one of the guest houses (Tiger Hill Lodge) we stayed in, …

Sense of self 

Four Corners A Sense Of Self When acclaimed TV journalist Liz Jackson is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, crippling her with pain & panic attacks, she turns the lens on herself to make the most challenging story of her life. This episode was shown on Four Corners on ABC TV recently but, due to being away, …

Relax and unwind – Weekly Photo Challenge

This sunset! Relax is the prompt for this week's photo challenge.  As Hakan B says: Life can be stressful. Work commitments, family trouble, financial obligations: the list goes on. And sometimes, it can all get a little too overwhelming. That’s why it’s so important to make time to just relax. Whether through meditation, a quiet walk, …

Mantra for the future

Mantra for the future

As our redundancy date draws closer the farewells have begun.  I have just two weeks to go! After a lifetime (well 22 years in the one workplace anyway) it is a massive change to  come to terms with.  All my staff are taking redundancies so it will be the end of an era. I was completely …