Relax and unwind – Weekly Photo Challenge

This sunset!

Relax is the prompt for this week’s photo challenge.  As Hakan B says:

Life can be stressful. Work commitments, family trouble, financial obligations: the list goes on. And sometimes, it can all get a little too overwhelming. That’s why it’s so important to make time to just relax. Whether through meditation, a quiet walk, a day at the beach, or whatever else, we all need to find a way to unwind, rest, and put ourselves at ease.

I know all about stress as I’m looking down the barrel of the redundancy gun….. so when I saw this week’s photo challenge I immediately thought of this sunset I snapped last night while at a Christmas party.

The views are amazing from our friend’s home on top of a hill, and the sunset was huge and colourful swirling all around us.  While drinking it in I had a moment, you know one of those out of body moments – with all the great food, good company, kids playing cricket, toddlers running wild, all the fun going on around me – this is what we should do more of.

We should sit and drink in the sunsets, look at the views, linger longer, not rush, play cricket, celebrate our successes, relax, don’t stress….

I didn’t even worry about editing this photo too much, I love the setting with its rawness.

In a post earlier this week I wrote about my impending redundancy and the farewell gifts from colleagues and one in partiular resonated with me and has become my mantra for 2017.  So between relaxing parties, sunsets and impending redundnacy – what more can I ask for?

What relaxes you?

Deb 🙂

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11 Replies to “Relax and unwind – Weekly Photo Challenge”

  1. We have had some fantastic sunsets this week too. When I read ‘kids playing cricket’ at a Christmas party, that really threw me. I thought ‘ wow, that must’ve been cold!! Then I remembered….😊

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