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Four Corners A Sense Of Self

When acclaimed TV journalist Liz Jackson is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, crippling her with pain & panic attacks, she turns the lens on herself to make the most challenging story of her life.

This episode was shown on Four Corners on ABC TV recently but, due to being away, I missed it.  I finally sat down and watched it this afternoon…and I cried. Not because it was unbearably sad but because of the bravery she had in being open and the honest way she was portrayed throughout the film.  Her articulate nature was always evident in her career as a journalist and it came to the fore in this the hardest film she said she’s ever made.

It is a great example of selfless journalism by Liz Jackson and her partner Martin, showing some of their daily life in coming to terms and dealing with her diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease and the accompanying panic attacks and issues with medication.

Watching it gave me so much more of an understanding about the physical and mental issues within Parkinson’s, as well as the range in symptoms between all those suffering from this degenerative disease.

Our family has a connection with Parkinson’s and it answered some questions and explained some things to me.  I recommend it to everyone whether you have a connection with Parkinson’s or not.

Liz Jackson says of the film after it was aired:

But now that the film exists, and will be shown on national television, I am very pleased. The entire process has done wonders for my sense of self.

The response was overwhelming and I was touched so many people commented and congratulated me, saying it was amazing and fabulous and brave. This was a huge confidence boost, and from that I understood there was a large audience and hunger for stories that explored the adversity life can deliver, in a close and personal way.


Thanks to all those involved in the making of this film and I wish Liz and Martin all the very best for the future.

Life is an unexpected journey and we never know what’s about to happen to us. Making the most of what we have and appreciating life can do wonders for our sense of self.


Drumming with dad
Drumming with dad

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