Share Your World – January 9 2017

This is a new challenge for me!  I’m participating in Cee’s Share Your World for the first time and I’d like to thank Cee for the opportunity to join with other bloggers to share our worlds.

As my blog is called Deb’s World it’s very fitting for me to be here!

So the format is that Cee poses a set of questions each week and we answer them and share our posts.  Cee says: Since blogging is an international activity, I also thought this would be a great way for all of us to get to know each other.  Share things about you, your home, your town, your country, your traditions. So once a week, I’ll post four new questions for you to answer about yourself or the area in the world you live.

This week’s questions are:

If you lost a bet and had to dye your hair a color of the rainbow for a week, what color would it be?  

My favourite colour is ORANGE so if I lost a bet and was game enough, I would definitely dye my hair bright orange.  I’m off to the hairdressers next week, maybe I’ll check out the colour chart! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

If you could choose one word to focus on for 2017, what would it be?

One word is hard but I think I’ll go with acceptance.  I was made redundant late last year after months of anguish and so am in the early days (like 2 days into my official retirement) and need to learn to accept things rather than be all bitter and twisted. I’ve been blogging about it for the past few months and am almost sick of the sound of my own voice on the subject!!  I’ve got to learn to accept and move on…I’m doing pretty well so far!

What was one thing you learned last year that you added to your life?

Wow – only one thing????  OK then: Friends – with all the upsets going on throughout the year I learned that friends are invaluable to one’s sanity and I’m very lucky to have such good friends in my life who care about me.

If life was ‘just a bowl of cherries’… which fruit other than a cherry would you be..?

I’d be a pineapple.   I saw this brilliant quote on a friend’s blog recently and immediately pinned it to Pinterest and sent it to my daughter who loves pineapples. Be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet – how cool is that?


Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I’m grateful for a lot of things.  Last week I was grateful to spend time with my mother, to see my father and to have a lovely home to come back to after a wonderful holiday with all my family.  This included our three daughters and their husbands/partners (they came from UK, Canberra and Brisbane) so that we could all be together with 3 generations of family in one place – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. I was also grateful that my redundancy payment came in before the due date!

I love taking photos for my blog and my featured image is from a local garden I visited over the weekend – it was all spectacular views, there’s a living church growing and gorgeous plantings everywhere with busy bees and butterflies – nature is something we should never take for granted.

The week ahead sees my husband and I celebrate our 37 year wedding anniversary.  Always a great time to reflect on how much fun we have together, what we’ve achieved and what we have to look forward to.  We are into planning our future as he retires from teaching at the end of the month too!  It’s all ahead of us – a whole new chapter opening up.

Here’s a photo of me with my alter-ego WonderWoman as we started my first official day of retirement by an early morning walk with a friend. (You’ll have to go to my About Me page to get the story of me and WonderWoman!)

First day adventure

I’ve really enjoyed this Share Your World challenge and will be back for next week’s questions. I’ll go and look at some of the other responses in the meantime!!

Deb 🙂


27 Replies to “Share Your World – January 9 2017”

    1. Thanks so much Miriam. That pineapple quote is a fave of mine now! Our anniversary is always special, I remember the day so well as I was 19 and 1 month old to the day – so young by today’s standards but hey we’re still going strong!!

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  1. Welcome Deb to SYW. I’m so happy to meet you. You and your hubby celebrating 37 years of marriage, my sister and her hubby did the same in December. Congrats. Look forward to hearing more about you.

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  2. Orange is the new black. I think you would rock orange locks. (That meme thingy was pinched from another blogger I think….love how good things go around the blogosphere). Acceptance is a good word. I’ll give you that one for now but from what I know about your Debbie if you asked me for a word I’d say ‘opportunity’ is more you. Pardon me if I’m being too bold!

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    1. I like the word opportunity – I wouldn’t have thought of using that one that about me. I like the way we see things about people that we wouldn’t normally see ourselves. Not too bold at all!! The pineapple pic is great and says it so well. My new fave quote, so thanks for pinching it from someone else 🙂

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    1. Thanks very much for visiting and for your comment. I appreciate your good wishes for my retirement (which I am enjoying despite my reservations) and look forward to participating in other challenges.

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