Throwback Thursday – 12 January 2017

Throwback Thursday today features a wedding party in 1980, a bright-eyed bride and groom and their happy parents.

Oh wait – that’s me and my husband, the Mathematician!

Today is our 37th wedding anniversary and it happens to be a Thursday – very appropriate then to share this photo for Throwback Thursday.


I have been known to write posts every few years about our wedding anniversary.  This one in 2014 called flip to my flop was condemned by one of my daughters as being way too soppy.  The post in 2015 was a bit more circumspect, given the previous year’s criticism, and was simply called Celebrating.

I love looking back at these photos and wondering about these people – what were they thinking at the time, their hopes for the future, have they changed that much and have they lived up to the dreams they had back then?

The scary thing is that both sets of parents are 10-15 years younger in this photo than we are today!!  I can’t believe that fact but it’s true, my husband is a brilliant mathematician and he worked it out 🙂

Today’s anniversary is special as it is our first with both of us on the threshold of retirement, another new phase in our lives.  We’ve been through so many phases, so what’s one more??

We’ve been out to lunch today to celebrate and we tried to remember the actual wedding day.  What did he and his brother do in the morning before the wedding, where did they get dressed, who drove what car out to the venue??  I remember reading a book the morning of the wedding, trying to stay calm but it was a book about slavery/kidnapping/torture/entrapment and my father commented that it probably wasn’t the best book to be reading before I was to be married!

I remember having my hair and makeup done by one of mum’s good friends and arriving in the horse and buggy was a thrill.  Dad was upset we didn’t have more time in it!  I remember the ceremony under the trees before a big storm came through and the reception was fun but we were kicked out quite early and everyone partied on without us.

I had the most glamorous going away outfit, a strapless red dress with a white blazer.  My husband and his brother were impressed because it was their football team’s colours – not that I looked drop-dead gorgeous in it!

Today we reminisced about our honeymoon, a week at the Gold Coast, and the fun we had going out with some other newlyweds we met at the resort.

One of our daughters was married in 2015, the youngest is due to be married in October 2017 and the eldest is engaged but lives on the other side of the world.  My parents have been married for 58 years and my parents-in-law for 61 years.  We are very lucky. We have good examples to follow and hope we have provided our daughters with solid role models.  It’s not always been easy but who wants an easy ride all the time??

This photo is an oldie but a goodie – we were on our honeymoon when a photographer recognised us from our home town and took this pic to put into the local paper.

1980 on our honeymoon

What great memories – time travelling on Throwback Thursday is so much fun!

Do you enjoy looking back at old photos too? Thanks for allowing me to share some history.



19 Replies to “Throwback Thursday – 12 January 2017”

  1. Happy anniversary! 37 years – that’s brilliant. I’m coming up on 21 years. Not many couples get married here in the Netherlands so we’re somewhat of an oddity. Fortunately, getting married is back in vogue

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    1. Thanks very much for your kind words Dena. It’s a different world now than when we got married. I was only 19 at the time so things have changed dramatically as the average age for brides these days is either late 20s o early 30s, if indeed people even get married!

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  2. Happy 37th wedding anniversary, Debbie! I loved this post (as well as “Flip to my Flop” and “Celebrating.” I didn’t think that they were too “soppy” at all! Again we have TONS in common. My husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary on the 21st of this month. Like you, I’ve also posted to commemorate the event ( This year again I plan to write something on the “wedding anniversary…in retirement” theme…so your post was a good reminder for me to get going on that.
    Hope you enjoyed your day….wishing you many more!!

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    1. Thanks so much Donna, it’s great to connect with you. We do seem to have lots in common. I loved the post you sent me and we are very similar!! Congrats to you too.


  3. You still look just the same! Different hair – I remember those flicky hairstyles, though I could never coax mine into one. I also read your other posts and didn’t spot anything unduly soppy, so maybe I’m just a soppy type too. Congrats again.

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