Thursday Doors – 19 January 2017

The horse float door

Horse float
Horse float door – One Bucking Thing After Another

I spotted this door while out walking recently.  Our little town (Tumbarumba) is quite a horsey place and at the time there was a week long pony club camp happening with youngsters and horses everywhere.  It’s usually a stinking hot week and this year was no exception! The camp culminates in a parade down the main street led out by the local Tumbarumba Pipes and Drums band, with all the pony clubs represented following behind with their manes and banners flying.  It’s a great scene.


I know a horse float may not constitute as a ‘real door’ but the bit I’ve circled caught my eye and made me smile.  In case you can’t read it – ‘One Bucking thing after another’.

We’ve just had our annual New Year’s Day Rodeo, Pony Club camp and next up is the Tumbarumba Cup Race Day, so I think the horse float door is very fitting for this time of year.  I have a confession to make – I have lived here for many years and have never been to the rodeo and only go to the races every few years or so.  I don’t think I’m their target audience!

I also must admit I was glad none of my daughters were interested in horses when they were growing up!

It’s always lovely to join in with door lovers around the world for  Thursday Doors.

Thanks for visiting!

Deb 🙂


23 Replies to “Thursday Doors – 19 January 2017”

  1. I’m still grinning at “Tumbarumba”. In previous posts, I always assumed this was the name of an event … I didn’t realize it was the name of your town. Sorry, but I can NOT say it to myself without breaking into a grin. How can you keep a straight face when you say Tumbarumba? It just makes my mouth want to laugh 😀

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    1. That’s fine Joanne – it’s a fantastic name of our little town and I’m glad it makes you smile. People always ask me how you spell it which amazes me – Tumba-Rumba just as it sounds. It’s an Aboriginal word meaning hollow sounding ground. When the kangaroos jumped over the ground here it made a toomba-roomba sound. It’s a great place to live as well as being a great name. Did you read my Tumba-bloody-rumba chasin kanga-bloody-roos post? That always makes me laugh! Thanks again and keep smiling 🙂

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  2. Your post is a great statement! Am not at all interested in horse races, but you made it interesting:) Your confessions made me smile:) My girls growing up in the city made horse back riding only something on vacations:)

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  3. I too love your take on Thursdays’ Doors.
    And…I am incredibly jealous of your ‘stinking hot’ weather. It is cold and rainy here (sigh)!

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