Memorable Monday

Today is a big day. I’ve decided it qualifies to be called Memorable Monday. Why?

  • My husband turns 60
  • He officially finishes his 39 year teaching career today
  • We had 2 of our 3 grown up daughters and his parents and his sister here to celebrate with him.  Our other daughter in UK phoned in for the party 🙂  So theoretically all 3 girls were with us!  How lovely is that?
  • Over the weekend we had a great backyard party with lots of friends and family, complete with a BBQ and games on the lawn to help him ease into his sixties!

Oh and by the way…. it was 43 degrees celcius with 15% humidity here today – that’s VERY HOT!!

This is a photo from a few years ago!

My sister and her husband were up for the big birthday bash and took some photos for us.  She has written her own post about his birthday on her blog here 256 and shares a more up to date photo of him.

The girls have returned to their interstate homes, the house is quieter and we will start a new chapter in our lives as of tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to that!

Deb 🙂

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8 Replies to “Memorable Monday”

  1. Wow! Happy birthday to your hubby! Finished 39 years of teaching, that’s great. Are you in US? At least, in CA, teaching 40 years is max, by 41st year, the teacher would get more from retirement than working. I worked in the district for 35 years, half classroom, half administration. I’m happy to be retired.


  2. I just saw Sharon’s post and liked it, then thought, oh, what a coincidence, her brother in law and your hubbie turning 60 – only to read here it is one and the same person!!! Sharon is your sister?? I also saw in another post she mentioned Tumbarumba and thought, what a small world, that’s where Deb’s from! turns out its all in the family

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    1. What a detective you are Debbie! I’m glad you worked it out 🙂 We are a blogging family with me, Sharon,Tim (her husband) and my daughter all blogging away! Thanks for the smiles your comment gave me 🙂


  3. Wow, memorable indeed. Sounds as though you all had a lovely celebration, even with the sweltering temperatures. 😎Happy belated birthday to your hubby Debbie, a new chapter of life begins now. Exciting times.

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