Share Your World – February 27 2017

pineapple quote

It's time again for Cee's Share Your World.  Share Your World (SYW) is all about having a safe place for everyone to answer random questions that Cee posts each week.  Here is the basic format. Answer four questions each week. Bonus Question is always the same “What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward …

A hammock and a tree – Weekly Photo Challenge

How does a hot summer's day, a hammock and a large tree sound?  Relaxing, peaceful, delightful and comfy! This combination, to me, is a great match and fits the theme for this week's photo challenge perfectly 🙂 A good match  - This week, share a photo of a satisfying pairing from your own life.... You can mix …

Share Your World – February 20 2017

Bridge in the garden

It's time again for Cee's Share Your World.  It's a great way to join with other bloggers to share our worlds. Cee asks a set of four questions with two bonus questions which are optional.  The idea is to answer without overthinking the questions and have some FUN. Feel free to join in by copying the questions …

Against the Odds – Weekly Photo Challenge

I'm away from home this week, taking in the city lights, enjoying a different pace of life, seeing new things, playing tourist and unexpectedly meeting up with some blogging friends. I decided for this week's photo challenge to focus on a great movie I saw this week.  It was called Lion and is a classic …

Blogger meet up – Fun Friday photo

Meeting up with two of my favourite bloggers, Miriam and Louise

Meeting up! Today was a definitely a fun Friday! I did lots of different things to my usual Friday fare including a meet-up with two of my favourite Australian bloggers - in person!! Earlier in the week I read two different posts on the same subject - Miriam's post about meeting up with Louise from …


Debbie of Deb's World

Having a fun time posing for my sister as she practices her portrait photography skills. I’m very happy with the results, and the location was superb too! Thanks Sharon 😊

Musings from the cold

Debbie, my sister, has come to visit for a few days. Today we went to Rippon Lea – a National Trust house in the Melbourne suburb of Rippon Lea.

Here’s Deb …


And here’s Rippon Lea …


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Share Your World – February 13 2017

It's time again for Cee's Share Your World.  It's a great way to join with other bloggers to share our worlds. Cee asks a set of four questions with two bonus questions which are optional.  The idea is to answer without overthinking the questions and have some FUN. This week's questions are: Do you sleep with your …

Tumbatrek 2017

Group on Tumbatrek 2017

Tumbatrek At the beginning of February each year, Tumbarumba plays host to walking enthusiasts for the annual Tumbatrek. My husband and I have participated in most of the walks over recent years and enjoy the scenery, the company and the opportunity to share our beautiful area with others.  There are usually over 100 walkers of all …

Blog of the Day: Deb’s World

Great to read Suzie’s comments about my blog in her Blog of the Day post! She has managed to sum up my blog in just a few paragraphs and I appreciate her support and encouragement:
I love everything about Debbie’s blog – the layout, the photographs, the topics… there is so much that I can personally relate to and I love her honesty and openness about her life experiences and things that she enjoys. In particular, I’m very jealous of the images that she shares of the places that she has seen – I’ve certainly added a few places to my bucket list because of her post.
And yet, for someone so talented, she is incredibly modest and a lovely person – she’s been an integral part of my Facebook group since it began and her comments and support of others have been instrumental in it’s growth.
Thanks again Suzie 🙂

Suzie Speaks


Meet Debbie, the creator of Deb’s World.

As a lifestyle blogger, she has one of the most interesting ‘About Me’ pages that I’ve ever seen. Here’s just a small selection…

I am Debbie – I am a wife; mother; daughter; sister; friend; blogger; reader; runner; walker; cyclist; Rail Trail enthusiast; traveller; Rotarian; Whovian; teacher.

And now I’m a retiree!!  Very early retirement!

I have three beautiful daughters who are all grown up and making their own way in the big wide world. I like to write about my family…

I am into keeping healthy and have learnt how to run again. I feel fantastic as a result of my efforts and I sometimes blog about my  running journey.

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Shadow bikes – Weekly Photo Challenge

I admit to loving shadow shots. I have a great number in my albums! Shadow - This week, hunt for shadows and incorporate them into your shot. The shadow can be the focal point of the image, or simply a detail that adds texture and makes the scene a bit more dynamic. This is a favourite …

Why you should take your phone with you EVERYWHERE!


Why you should take your phone with you everywhere. This is a cautionary and true story. Over the weekend I had a strangely familiar sensation. I was locked in. Again. In December 2014 I found myself locked in a stairwell in a shopping centre at 4 am and it was not fun!  Luckily I had …

Thursday Doors – 2 February 2017

Welcome to the Sir George in Jugiong Come on in.... We were travelling down the highway on a hot summer's day and decided to stop for refreshments in a little town just minutes off the main road, but alas our usual eatery was closed on Tuesdays!  What to do? Well, we walked further up the road …

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