A family of bloggers


I just want you to know that I enjoy blogging immensely.

I might not be the most prolific of bloggers, the most read, tweeted or visited blogger in the world, but I am a happy blogger! As someone wise said to me earlier this week, ‘The thing to remember about blogging is that there is no right or wrong way to do it – it’s YOUR part of the Internet and you can do whatever you like with it’. 

I gain satisfaction from seeing my posts pop up, in the WordPress reader, on my Facebook page, on Twitter.  One day I’ll get around to understanding how to ‘do’ Pinterest!

I am grateful to those of you who read my posts, who share my posts and especially those who read AND leave me a comment. My stats aren’t huge but they satisfy me.

I love interacting with those of you who come to visit me on my Deb’s World blog.  I always try to reply to comments and at the very least acknowledge the comment with a ‘like’.

I love the family atmosphere of some of the blogging challenges, the link-ups, the blog hops, twitter hashtags, the special group of Facebook bloggers that Suzie has set up and the caring and sharing attitude of all those I have come across in this blogging journey.

Maybe it’s just that February is the month of love, but I’m feeling very happy and contented with things at the moment.  Which I’m sure you’ll agree, is a good thing 🙂

I’ve also realised that as well as having a feeling of belonging in a blogging family, I also have a real family of bloggers.  I’d like to introduce them to you:

  • My daughter Melanie, has a blog called  The Wandering Darlings, where she talks travel and shows off her photographic skills.  She also blogs sometimes as Debbie’s Daughter.
  • my sister Sharon, has a blog where she plays with images and words and shares her talents as both a writer and a photographer  on Musings from the cold
  • my brother-in-law Tim, has a blog with exceptional words and photos in completely different style to my sister but they also collaborate extremely well together. He blogs at Timothy Moss

So enjoy checking out my blogging family and continue to share the love!  I’m including this post for Ritu’s #Loveuary challenge for this month.

Thanks again for showing me some bogging love 🙂

Can anyone match this claim to being a family of bloggers?  Let me know in the comments.

L-R: Tim, Sharon and Me


32 Replies to “A family of bloggers”

  1. Hi, Debbie – Unfortunately I cannot match your claim of belonging to a biological blogging family (that’s very cool, btw). However, like you, I love having such a strong sense of family and belonging within the blogging community. It’s an incredible feeling…and a great bonus that I never understood could happen when I first pressed publish on my initial blog post!

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    1. I’m with you Donna, I had no idea of this added bonus either. It just gets better and better!! Great to connect with so many likeminded people. I thought it was cool to have my very own blogging family so I’m glad to agree with me 😊


  2. That’s so awesome Deb, how fun to be able to blog within your family. My siblings don’t even have FB, let alone a blog! But I have to agree with you let we have an amazing blogging family online and that’s enough for me. 🙂

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  3. I have just started to discover how extensive (and supportive) this family of bloggers really is! Your posts are genuine and from the heart. Part of the reason I so enjoy them even though I may not comment on each one. Keep it up!

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  4. A blogging family is pretty cool! … especially when my family doesn’t even read mine 😉

    It has been wonderful to make friendships far and wide through blogging. I’ve even made friends – face-to-face – with people in my own city area! … how cool is that? 🙂 It’s something that non-bloggers just don’t understand.

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  5. You’re so lucky to have real blogging “family”. I’m afraid I can’t say the same except maybe a second cousin who last posted a year ago (that’s got to count right?). I’m glad you’re enjoying the blogging journey and may you continue for many years to come! 😀

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  6. That’s a lot of related bloggers. Sounds lovely. I love the comment about no right or wrong way to blog. The only wrong thing I’ve ever encountered in the blogosphere are bloggers who disappear. I get worried and makes me sad. Love your blog Debbie x

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