Adventure riding – Musings on a Monday

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Mountain biking - Now you know me, I love an adventure,  but I have this little issue with heights, losing control and going too fast.  While I loooove looking at these sorts of videos I could never in a million years do this. I realise this is an ad for something but I don't really …

Globetrotters- G’day Debbie 👋 

My daughter has featured me on her blog today – it really is all about me!!! Thanks Melanie, it’s a great post 🙂

the wandering darlings

This weeks Globetrotter is a special one as it’s my lovely MumDebbie

My mum and dad are solely responsible for my sisters and my traveling genes. They took us on our first overseas trip when we were little and that started us all off on trying to see as much as the world as possible. They are always off seeing or doing something new. From walking the Kokoda track (REPEATEDLY!), hiking in Nepal, exploring India, cycling through Europe or just exploring new places within Australia they truly are #travelgoals. I mean any two people that can take 3 girls under 9 on a 30 hour flight must have some awesome travel resilliance. She’s also managed to wave her daughters off from most airports and whilst I know she misses us all dearly she wants us to go and explore and see the world. As a previous teacher she…

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