Beautifully dense


Dense is the prompt for this week’s photo challenge.  

Dense can mean many things and I am immediately drawn to think of texture, solid shapes and heaviness.

So I have gone with the meaning of dense as ‘closely compacted in substance’ and am sharing some photos of some very special rocks from a visit to Australia’s Red Centre and Uluru. If you haven’t been to this magical place yet, put it on your list!!  

I must admit to being gobsmacked and speechless at times – the magnitude of these rocks, their beauty, their history, their very being awed me into silence.  I hope you can gain some sort of appreciation of their awesomeness from these pics!

Denseness at its most beautiful!

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve been to this area or if you’ve plans to visit, it is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been to.  It’s just out there waiting for you, literally in the middle of Australia…what are you waiting for??

Enjoy your week!

Deb xx

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19 Replies to “Beautifully dense”

  1. I have never been anywhere like Uluru, so thank you so much for sharing these!!

    Do you hike around the bottom of the rock or just explore a teeny area around it?

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    1. Hi, thanks for the visit! It’s a huge rock and you can hike or ride a bike he whole way around the base or you can just explore selected areas. There is so much history and so many Aboriginal stories that a guided tour is he best way to learn about it. We rode bikes and walked the area over a few days and loved it!

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