Melbourne Adventure

Melbourne fun – part 2 of the adventure

A Day on Phillip Island 

As I wrote in my Monday musings post – Melbourne Fun –  I had a fantastic visit and packed a huge amount of fun into a few short days. I alluded to another adventure and promised a separate post, so here it is!

My sister messaged me a week before my visit, asking if I was up for a ‘boating adventure’. Of course, being the adventurer that I am, I said yes as long as it didn’t require me to do any rowing, as I can’t row to save my life! She didn’t clarify what sort of boating but it sounded like fun.

On Saturday morning we drove the few hours to Phillip Island just out of Melbourne. We wandered around the Nobbies Centre, an interesting ecotourism centre located at Point Grant on the western tip of Phillip Island.  We  then ventured outside into the cold, blustery windy weather to walk along the boardwalks taking in the beautiful views of the rugged coast. The water was very powerful hitting the rocks and throwing up spray and waves, which gave the blowhole a lot of action. It was freezing cold as well as very windy, and my thoughts turned to our boat trip later in the day!  The penguins are a highlight of this area and many visitors come out at night to watch the parade. Unfortunately we weren’t able to stay around long enough to see these little penguins but it’s on the list of things to do next time.

The coastline views were spectacular and the sea was mesmerising.

After a delicious lunch we headed to Rhyll for our 90 minute Wild Ocean Eco Boat trip. The weather hadn’t improved and so we donned the supplied spray jackets over our coats in order to keep warm and dry. Here’s my sister and I all set up for the trip:

Due to the weather we weren’t able to visit the seal colonies but we had a fun, bumpy and interesting ride nevertheless.  We were kept informed of the birds, the history and the marine life in the area along the way by experienced park staff.

The boat took us by Cape Wollamai where we spotted some kids playing at the top of the sandhills.  The boys lined themselves up and promptly hurled themselves down towards the water. It looked like great fun but the the walk back up the hill wouldn’t be easy! We cheered and clapped to show our appreciation, despite the fact that it wasn’t a very environmentally friendly activity 😦

I managed to capture the boys at the top before their run down the sand and then at the bottom in the water.

There were about a dozen of us on the boat and we were asked if we wanted to see why we couldn’t get out to the see the seals, and the answer, from most, was a resounding ‘yes’. We then headed out into the wild sea – it was scary but a lot of fun.  At one stage we were riding the waves in our little boat, like surfing, and bouncing up and down in the huge waves.  We were all screaming and hanging on for dear life but laughing at the same time. My sister had the most fun of anyone!  I can’t quite understand how someone who doesn’t like going on roller coaster rides or simple chair lifts, yet she can enjoy this type of thing!!

The boat weaved its way back after we came in from the rough seas, doing donuts and racing along at great speed – it was exhilarating and such an adventure. I’m sort of glad the weather was as rough as it was, the trip was far more interesting than had it been smooth and calm.

I would recommend a trip to Phillip Island, there are lovely little towns to visit, beautiful views along the coast, the possibility of seeing penguins, seals and birds and then, if you’re game, a boat ride adventure!

Luckily none of us were seasick and we all slept very well!

Have you done anything like this? I’d love to know if you’d be game enough.

Deb 🙂

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29 Replies to “Melbourne Adventure”

  1. Chair lifts are WAY more scary than a ride in a small boat on a rough sea! I think with the chair lift it’s about the possibility of plummeting to the ground – whereas in a small boat on a rough sea there’s only the possibility of getting wet!!

    It was a great day!

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  2. The closest I can compare was a catamaran trip in Hawaii after a tropical storm. The waves were huge and the spray came over us to cool us off as we bounced up and down. It was fun! Your trip looks a bit rougher and colder and I’m not sure I could do it without getting seasick. Beautiful photos!

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  3. The most exciting (and scary) time I’ve ever had was on a small two-man pedal boat on an inland lake! My husband and I were exploring the furthest side of the lake when a storm sprang up out of nowhere. (Kind of reminded me of the storm on the Sea of Galilee!) We pedaled like fury and held on tightly until our legs screamed with pain. We saw a helicopter heading out past us, and a speedboat tore past going back the way we’d come. We couldn’t even turn to look as our little boat was leaping up and down as if it was trying to toss us out. We made it back to shore and rushed back to our cottage to get dry. That night on television they showed a boat in distress on the same lake – and a speedboat and helicopter racing to the rescue. The couple had to be lifted into the helicopter and the boat towed to safety. I was so sorry for those people who were just behind us – but grateful I didn’t have a helicopter ride to add to the excitement of the day!

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    1. Oh that would have been a scary experience Shirley. I’m glad you were ok but luckily the others were able to be rescued. I like your description of the broiling sea!!


  4. Beautiful scenery. I could not be on that boat. I get motion sickness really easy and my stomach was doing flips just reading your post. lol!
    Thanks for sharing at Over The Moon Party. Hope you come back next week so I can stop by again.

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    1. Thanks for having me at the over the Moon linkup party. The scenery was spectacular and I’m so glad I didn’t get seasick on the boat. It was a real possibility! Lovely to have you visit 😊


  5. Sounds like so much fun. Must admit I’m a sucker for a speed boat ride or any sort of wild ride out on the water. When I met Doug he was into scuba diving and we used to go out all the time. Isn’t Phillip Island great? Love your pics here. 🙂

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