A feeling of security

Security  is the prompt for this week’s photo challenge and I’ve chosen to share a photo from the security of inside a plane.

As I boarded the plane the other day, I was reminded that when flying we put our lives in the pilot’s hands.

I really don’t know how planes stay up in the air but I somehow feel secure being above the clouds. I don’t like heights, being out of control or being on edges, but somehow I like flying.

I love looking down at the world below and feel secure in the knowledge that I am safe.

Despite all the plane accidents around the world, I don’t get into a plane and feel rising panic. There is a feeling of security, maybe misguided, but thankfully it’s there, as I have a lot of travelling still to do. And Australia is a long way from anywhere!

Clouds, flying, travel
The patterns of earth below the clouds
Clouds, flying
Above the clouds

Do you feel secure in a plane? Or a you a nervous flyer?

In case you’re wondering, I flew from Wagga Wagga to Brisbane, to visit my daughter before spending time with my parents in a week’s time. Family evokes a feeling of security too, especially now.

Enjoy your weekend!

Deb xx

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21 Replies to “A feeling of security”

  1. I don’t like flying because I hate being out of control! As irony would have it, my husband is a pilot. And yes, before you ask let me tell you, I do feel secure when I’m in a plane he’s flying. Actually, I feel secure if he’s traveling with me. Just knowing he’s there and can – in most cases – take over if needed and knows everything there is to know about the emergency exits and slides (they actually practice sliding down them) makes me feel better.

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    1. Wow, that’s so handy having a husband who’s also a pilot! I’m glad you feel secure with him when you’re travelling. I feel very secure when travelling with my husband too, it must be a trust thing. Thanks Dena, lovely y to have you along for the flight!!

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  2. Wonderful photos Deb and a lovely take on the prompt. Must admit that, despite having a few nerves on take off, I really enjoy flying. Landing is even better when the next adventure begins! Enjoy your time away. xo

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  3. I love flying. I’ve had a couple of bumpy flights where I’ve had to keep my panic under control, but it hasn’t spoiled the experience for me. Have a great time with family.

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    1. Thanks Shirley, I’m glad the bumps haven’t spoiled your experience. I’m lucky that I haven’t had anything too scary yet. Having a lovely time with family 😊


    1. Family is the best reason for travel and for us it’s a necessity, so I’m glad I don’t have a flying phobia. The security of family is the best feeling 😊


  4. I don’t like flying much, but that’s about comfort rather than security. I’m ok with short-haul (Melbourne is about my comfort limit) but these days anywhere further is looking less and less attractive.

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    1. I understand completely Su! I have to prepare myself for our long haul trips to see our daughter in U.K, it always is such a long time to be cooped up. Secure yes but not always comfortable!

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    1. I too love taking pics out of the windows on a plane, and I’m not nearly as worried about taking off and landing as I used to be. I agree they can be a bit scary if the weather is bad. Thanks for stopping by 😊

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  5. I fall under the ‘nervous flyer’ category. Am still surprised I actually flew to Australia given how much I dislike long flights. Funnily enough I blogged about being a nervous flyer on my recent flight. It did the trick and kept me distracted! xx

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