MOB fun with B2B – update #3

Welcome to the latest update from the Mother of the Bride!

As you probably know by now, my MOB status has been restored with baby daughter’s wedding planned for October 2017  – in Fiji!   It is a very small intimate affair with only parents, siblings, and a few close friends.  We are now looking at less than 6 months to go!!

It has been decided that there will be a Wedding Celebration party a few weeks after the actual wedding for their wider family and friends to attend.

So in fact they are having two wedding celebrations, an intimate affair in Fiji and a party free for all (well not exactly a free for all)!

It ends up that we still need invitations after all, and we need food and entertainment for the party.  There’s a lot more to organise than we first thought!  But we have the amazing Mother of the Groom (MOG) on board. Luckily she lives nearby and has been a great help. She loves B2B like a daughter and I couldn’t be happier to have her involved. She is just as excited about it all as I am!!

In my previous posts, MOB #2 update and  The MOB returnswe were well on track with our wedding plans. It does make it easy when most of it is organised by the resort, leaving only minimal decisions to be made.

I must say, again, that it’s completely different organising a small, destination wedding.  I thoroughly enjoyed my first MOB experience but am glad that this is a different style,  so I get to enjoy the variety of wedding days.  In reality both daughters are different so their wedding days should reflect this. I’m lucky that my daughters are inclusive and keen for me to get involved.

I have just spent a week with my youngest daughter, B2B and her fiance G2B, sorting through the checklist from the resort in Fiji, making decisions of flower bouquets, colours of chair sashes, table decorations and style of cake.  It’s quite stressful but very exciting. Because we have such a small wedding group we don’t need to worry too much about table settings but we do need to decide where to hold the reception.  It won’t be any good having it in a huge room meant for 100 guests for instance.  Having never been to the resort we are using their wedding planner to help with these decisions as well as the resort’s Facebook page setup for this very for thing.  We are learning a lot from everyone else’s questions and haven’t had to ask any of own yet as they have all been asked before!

We took advantage of some quality mother daughter time while I was visiting and had a spa treatment which we loved.  We also had a session at B2B’s hairdresser for some wedding hair practice.  She had a few ideas of what she wanted but had no real style in mind.  B2B is still undecided about having her sisters do her hair and makeup or get it done professionally, so we went with some suggestions from the hairdresser.  B2B’s hair is usually quite messy and untamed as she works outside on the water every day and isn’t too fussed with such things. The hairdresser suggested some soft curls and set about creating the most beautiful cascade of curls as in the photos.

B2B has her dress and the G2B and his Best Man have plans in place for their outfits, all very casual!  The Bridesmaid has recently relocated to live nearby so the B2B is excited to have her to talk things over with face to face instead of over the phone.  I’m happy with this too as the Bridesmaid is a great friend and can help B2B make decisions and plans. I have my outfit sorted and FOB is easy to please.  Our flights and accommodation  have been booked and we are in touch with the resort’s wedding planner, so we are in full wedding planning mode.

I still have a few things to decide such as hair and nails and I’m working hard at getting a bit fitter and slimmer so I can look Ok in my ‘pineapple’ dress.  B2B even had me join her at her gym sessions while I was staying with her, I must say it was fun!  I miss these daily types of interactions living so far away.

OK so that’s where we’re at!  Less than 6 months to go, it will be here before we know it.

If you have any suggestions please let me know, especially if you’ve done the whole ‘destination’ style wedding before.  It’s a completely new experience for us 🙂

I’ll keep you posted.

Deb (just a bit excited)

Note 1: For those of you not in the know here are the meanings of various acronyms.

MOB = Mother of the Bride

FOB = Father of the Bride

MOG = Mother of the Groom

FOG = Father of the Groom

B2B -Bride to be

G2B – Groom to be

Note 2: B2B wrote this beautiful guest post for me a few years ago, it’s very special!

Note 3: You can also follow Deb’s World here if you feel so inclined!

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49 Replies to “MOB fun with B2B – update #3”

  1. All sounds great. Check that the ceremony in Fiji is recognised by the Australian Government. I say this because of a friend of a friend’s recent experience in Thailand turned out it wasn’t. the bride to be had to make a dash from Phuket to Bangkok to put paperwork in order before they were married. I don’t think it was the resort who told her this gem of information either. The curls look lovely. Keep up the extra training, Deb, you’re a star. Louise

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  2. Our son and D-I-L had the traditional church wedding and then a reception, then a year later our daughter and S-I-L got married in Bali in a beautiful chapel overlooking the ocean. A much smaller affair and it was all organized by the wedding planner over there (with one visit from our daughter + S-I-L beforehand). I loved both weddings – although it was a shame more people weren’t able to attend the Bali one. Our daughter had a huge engagement party as her substitute wedding for those who wouldn’t be going to the real deal. I don’t have any advice – other than to enjoy it (don’t drink the water) and relax and go with the flow – and take lots of deodorant and a handfan (I wish I’d had a fan because the humidity makes the heat more intense).

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    1. That’s great advice Leanne, thanks very much. I’ll be sure to add those items to my list. Your weddings sound like fun. I’m looking forward to it all, as you can probably tell 😊


  3. Oh, sounds like so much fun! I loved all the wedding planning. I feel like it was less stressful with the destination wedding. We just got married in Riviera Maya last July, and seriously, a destination wedding was the best decision ever! (It was my hubby’s idea at the start.) It seemed so much more laid back, and being on vacation with my favorite people, celebrating our love, was truly the best gift I could have ever asked for. Enjoy! 🙂

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  4. Aww – fabulous Deb! It sounds like such an exciting time and wow – what a destination – wonderful…. I was very fortunate to be able to step in as mother of the bride a couple of years ago when my son and Jen got married.. Sadly Jen’s mum died of breast cancer a few years ago and I’m so fortunate to get on with Jen like a house on fire.. Yep – busy times and lots more to do than you ever think there’s going to be… but wow … it’s a magical occasion. I can tell you’re loving every moment which is so lovely to read about.. xxx

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    1. Thanks Wendy, it’s a great excuse to get excited and enjoy the planning. You were fortunate indeed to step into that role for your daughter in law and I’m sure she truly appreciated you doing so. How sad for her though. Great to have your share your story with me 🙂

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      1. I know – it’s a strange one – me saying I’m lucky when Jen was so unlucky to lose her mum. I do think she was guided into our family though and she lived with us from the age of 17 for a few years until they managed to get there own place so we are very close.. Enjoy the planning – that really is a lot of the fun! xx

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  5. How exciting for you all. My daughter was married in Cinque Terra in Italy. Both she and her husband didn’t want a big deal and so they ‘eloped’ to their favourite place. I am a big believer in people having what they want for their wedding and no, I wasn’t sad that I wasn’t there. I look at the photos and it was such a magical and special day for them I know that it was the perfect wedding for them both. Good luck with the preparations and what a great excuse for a holiday!

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    1. How lovely of you to share your daughter’s story Sue, it sounds delightful! I am sure it was just what they wanted and good for you in not being sad. We are enjoying the preparations so far!!


  6. We share something (else) in common Deb, for I too am a MOB this year. Just like you, my youngest daughter is getting married this year – in May. No destination wedding for us though – although it requires a trip to Tasmania, which is a destination! Also like you, I live a long way away from my daughter and so can’t be hands-on in helping her with the myriad decisions she has to make. We have regular phone conversations about things like music choices, who the photographer should be, where everyone should sit at the reception, whether to put the kids on their own table or to sit them with their parents, what colour to dye her hair, where to hold the ceremony, who will be the MC … and she tells me about other things that are happening – like wedding favour boxes not turning up, changing wedding dress (a few times), ring boxes not turning up, being given loads and loads of babies breath, sourcing locations for photos … there’s so much to do, so much to think about, so much to decide … and I as I write it’s only four weeks away!!

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    1. Indeed we have that in common Sharon. It’s coming up fast and I’m looking forward to seeing it all come together and sharing fun times with family members. You’re doing the MOB job very well, despite the distances and I’m sure your daughter appreciates everything you do for her. Even being a sounding board as she talks things through is a huge task and one that can’t be underestimated. Good luck and see you soon. PS have you got a dress yet??

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  7. What a super fun time for you. We always laugh that sometimes the best stories are when things don’t go as planned—so don’t stress!!

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    1. I know I’m so lucky to have 3 daughters and that we all get on so well. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the wedding and ‘m so happy about Fiji 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot for your good wishes. I’m looking forward to it and experiencing the Fiji culture. The difference wedding styles have made it a completely unique experience each time.

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  8. I wish my daughter and I had practiced our hair styles before the wedding day, and allotted more time to actually do our hair and makeup on the day! Learned my lesson and allotted way more time than I needed for our son’s wedding in Arizona. Even tried out the hair products in advance!

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    1. Thanks Sharon, it’s a great point you raise. We often underestimate just how much time things will take and get stressed as a result. Glad you learnt your lesson for your gig as MOG.

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