Share Your World – May 15 2017

This week’s questions and answers for Share Your World are:

Q. How many languages do you you speak?

A. English and Australian – and yes that’s a real language 🙂

Q. What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating?

Reading: Sacha Black’s new book 13 Steps to Evil, Sarah J Maas’s  A Court of Wings and Ruin and lots of blogs – there’s never enough hours in the day!

Watching: The autumn leaves falling gently from the trees, while admiring their glorious colours.

Listening to: My favourite songs on a playlist I created on Spotify – I sometimes have it booming all through the house but today’s it’s quite mellow.

Eating: Lots – it’s been quite a sociable few days and that means eating out with friends and family!

Q. What was the last photo you took with your phone?

A. Two of my daughters, who live in different states of Australia, sent me the exact same card for Mother’s Day.  I took a photo to send to them both to prove it.  It turns out it was their partner’s choice of card, saying it had ‘Debs’ written all over it!  I case you didn’t know, I’m known as WonderWomanDebz in some circles 🙂  It made me laugh out loud!

Mother's Day card
Mother’s Day cards

Q. What is your favorite time of day?

A. Waking up and knowing I’ve got a whole day ahead of me – with no-one telling me what I should be doing 🙂

Bonus questions: What are grateful for from last week?

A. It was Mother’s Day, I got spoilt, I ran in the Mother’s Day Classic in Canberra and I’m officially in love with autumn!

Autumn leaves, colour

What are you looking forward to in the week ahead? 

Catching up with friends during the week, book-club, a family wedding on the weekend, a holiday and a blogging break for 2 weeks.

Are you wondering What Share Your World is all about?

Share Your World is a fun way to get to know each other through our blogs.  Cee posts four random questions for those who want to participate and it’s always interesting to read what others have written in their responses.

  • Answer four questions each week.
  • Bonus Questions are always the same “What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?”  Because we all need to be reminded that there are many things in our lives to be grateful about.  

The idea is to answer the questions without overthinking them and just have FUN. Feel free to join in by copying the questions, writing your answers in a new post and linking back to Cee’s original post.

Thanks again for visiting my world.  You can see all my past Share Your World posts here if you’re keen – Share Your World

Feel free to join in with this fun challenge and remember I always love hearing from you if you’d like to leave me a comment.

Enjoy the week ahead everyone!

Deb 🙂

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10 Replies to “Share Your World – May 15 2017”

    1. It was so funny getting the same card from both girls and they were just as surprised!! I’m sitting here in front of the fire drinking tea from my wonder woman mug. 😊. Had a lovely catch up with all my old work colleagues today, so nice to sit and chat with them all.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! The best way is to write a post on your own blog and link back to Cee’s original post. I have a link to her post highlighted in my post which gives a ping back. Good luck, it’s fun!


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