Embarrassing – Writespiration #119: Week 23

Writespiration is a great challenge as it really gets my grey matter working.

The challenge is to write something using the weekly theme, in just 52 words…. EXACTLY 52 words, no more, no less and it’s harder than it sounds.

This week Sacha wants to know:

Your most embarrassing moment… and yes, it can be fiction, but I’d much prefer memoir! Give me juicy memories and gossip.


I am embarrassed to say I’m the embarrassment

I don’t mean to be that way, it just happens.

I talk too much, overshare, tell embarrassing stories

Snort when I laugh, can’t tell jokes

I can smell a camera a mile off

Always  ready with a big cheesy embarrassing smile.

And I blog!

Are you keen to join in the fun of writing a story in just 52 words??  Give it a go and let me know what you come up with.

Deb 🙂writespiration-2017

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37 Replies to “Embarrassing – Writespiration #119: Week 23”

  1. I think you sound wonderful!!!! I’ve embarrassed myself by falling over on stage and actually falling off a stage. (Someone leaned over from the stage, offered me a hand, and hauled me back up again to continue on). Haha!!

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  2. Love it! I’m right there with you – many a person has failed to become my new bff because they got overwhelmed/embarrassed that first time we met. Their loss, right? Who wouldn’t want a guaranteed distraction around the next time they do something potentially embarrassing?

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  3. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that the words “embarrass” and “embrace’ sound so similar? For some reason, the things I like most about people are their imperfections, the things that make them human, embraceable, and wonderful. I never wanted to hug a statue–too perfect, cold, and unchanging. Give me a person who can’t tell a joke, talks too much, and snorts when she laughs any day!

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  4. I love the idea of this challenge. I’m just wary as I’m already way too over committed! So I’ll do the next best thing and read yours! Early Morning Boost for Your Immune System..


    1. I do love making fun of myself and sharing my failings, so I must have a sense of humour!! Thanks for the vote of confidence not to mention the prompt. 😂


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