Where is your focus – in front or behind?

Where is your focus – in front of you or behind you?

FocusThis week’s photo challenge asks us to share a photo featuring focus.  It could be an in-focus or out-of-focus shot.

Instead I’ve taken the definition of focusdirecting a great deal of attention, interest, or activity towards a particular aim – and shared this photo. In my simple photo I am trying to convey the focus of what’s in front of my bike and what’s behind me as shown by the inclusion of the mirror.

As many experienced photographers will tell you, the sharpness of the lens or camera you use isn’t always that important. Sometimes, what matters more is the style and composition of the shot you’re trying to create.

Focus, travel photo, seascape
Looking ahead or looking back?

I’ve taken a similar shot before, I think I’m a bit obsessed with mirror shots!  It does give a good frame though doesn’t it?

mirror on bike

In life we have the choice to focus on where we’re going or where we’ve come from.

Which direction is your focus on at the moment?

Deb xx

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16 Replies to “Where is your focus – in front or behind?”

  1. Your shots are both appealing. But I get your meaning. Recently, I blogged a Truth Moment Monday about Lot’s wife, and what befell her for looking back. Let’s put it this way, that’s why I prefer pepper over salt! 4ward for me thanks for sharing!!!

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  2. The title of your post really caught my eye because I’m currently trying to write a post about that very thing. I’m frustrated because the words aren’t coming easily.

    This post reminds me of something I read once that “There’s a reason why the windshield is bigger than the rear view mirror. Focus forward” 🙂

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