Would you rather build a wall or a bridge?

We build too many walls and not enough bridges – Isaac Newton
Bridges connect things – people, structures, places and even bloggers.

Bridgefor this week’s photo challenge, Cheri asks for our take on the things, places, or people that connect us. 

There’s scary bridges:


There’s interesting bridges:


There’s beautiful old railway trestle bridges:


There’s the water under the bridge:


And then there’s my favourite bridge:


Sydney Harbour Bridge
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I like to think that blogging is a bridge too – it connects us while spanning many countries, cultures and people of all backgrounds.  Carry on blogging and maybe we can make the world a better place.  I’d much rather build a bridge than a wall!

These are just a few of my favourite bridge shots. I’d love to know what you think, leave me a comment below.

Deb xx

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102 Replies to “Would you rather build a wall or a bridge?”

  1. I like to think of bloggers as bridges as most certainly my followers scan the world twice over….All of the bloggers I know are wonderful people and I am sure if we all united we could make such a difference the world over so come on lets all unite and knock down a few walls and build some bridges I know we could 🙂 Love this post 🙂

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  2. You are so right, we need more bridges and fewer walls! Beautiful shots of all the bridges. I agree (and love the fact) that blogging builds bridges. I’m connected with people all around the world. Not bad for a shy girl!

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    1. I’m finding many readers are feeling the same way, just by the comments! I love being connected to people around the world through blogging, it’s so interesting Not bad for a shy girl at all!


  3. Hi Deb,
    How fascinating. I loved seeing all the photos of different bridges. I love the Sydney Harbour Bridge too, along with the old sandstone bridge at Northbridge, which was built by a relative of mine.
    I really liked what you said about building bridges instead of walls and how we build connections through blogging. I have built so many strong connections all around the world through blogging.
    Actually, a few weeks ago I heard about the Great Get Together in the UK to honour the first anniversary of the death of MP Jo Cox and I held a get together on my blog. I had people join in from South Africa, UK, USA< Canada etc. It was a great illustration of how blogging is uniting the world.Here's the link: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2017/06/18/great-get-together-goes-global-moreincommon/
    xx Rowena

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  4. I love this for so many reasons.Your beautiful photography, of course, made me happy. I agree that we need more bridges and less talk of walls. And It never occurred to me that we bloggers are bridgers. I so agree!

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  5. Love this post! It reminds me that we’re all connected whether it’s by a bridge or via the internet. I’ve never thought of blogging as a bridge, but now that you say it. I believe you’re right. 🙂

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  6. Love the opening quote and the following line about bridges building connections and uniting things. Agreed re blogging as a reference to that too. I have made so many good friends from all over the world; So Politicos…stick that in your negativity and go be the first people to live on Mars out of the way. At least then we can just turn the communication satellites off so we don’t have to listen to the gibberish 🙂

    Great post and wonderful photos too!

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      1. See, smiles are another “bridge” essential to positive well being and often comments on blogs do that, whereas how often can you turn the news on and find similar? I may, of course, just be dead cynical 😁

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  7. I much prefer bridges to walls. Bridges are always so photogenic for how they stretch and arch, even the starkest industrial ones. But a wall is really only notable (in my opinion) if it is old and crumbling or defaced in some way.

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  8. Beautiful photos! I like how you see blogging as a bridge, too. I feel the same way. The more we know about each, different cultures, different takes on life, the more we want to include everyone at the table rather than shut them out.

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  9. Beautiful shots, I love the geometrical shot in “water under the bridge” and I’m still figuring out the photo with the quote, is that a fountain in the foreground? ☺ as I said in the comment on the prompt post, love that you compared blogging to a bridge, spot on!

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  10. #SocialSaturday hello *waves* I like to build bridges but am afraid of heights, I’m Four foot eleven so used to being more grounded or closer to it. We went to Vancouver Island October 2015 where we saw the first tresstle, an amazing construction of wood for moving all the wood on trains ironic I thought. .i didn’t get more than fifty yards on top but the husband went till he looked like a speck in my camera. It is a chore mending bridges that I seem to do well third child keeps the peace, lifes too short to allow them (relationships) to crumble we must at least try to fill the cracks, build those metaphoric bridges… even if your scared of heights.

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    1. Hello to you too Ellen 👋 I get what you’re saying and agree wholeheartedly. I’m also scared of heights so some of these bridges were quite hard for me to cross. I made myself do it and am glad I did. I’m a bit short too. Great to have you along.


  11. I love all these photos!
    It’s brilliant that you have photos of bridges from all over the world! It must have taken a while to dig out so many bridge-y piccies 😀

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  12. Your bridges are beautiful.
    I’ve built many a bridge. I am now working on walls. I am working on boundaries and they require steel walls. I hope to one day build bridges again when I feel safe again.

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  13. You’re right about blogging being a bridge Deb – I am grateful every day for the people it has connected me with both in Australia and much further afield – such a blessing and a really big encouragement for me at this stage of life.

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    1. It was the wettest day possible and I really thought they cancel our walk but it went ahead and was amazing. I’m scared of heights and was worried but I’d do it again in a flash, preferably on a nicer day though. Glad you plan to go again.


    1. Thanks Sue! I didn’t mean to start out with the whole bridge versus wall thing but it came to me as I was writing my post. I’m happy with the whole analogy. and can imagine it impacts on you much more than it does on me, being on different sides of the world as we are. Lovely to have you visit and we can always build bridges together!

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  14. “I like to think that blogging is a bridge too – it connects us while spanning many countries, cultures and people of all backgrounds” – yes – indeed – I like that bridge!

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