A silent sentinel of the past

A structure with a beauty of its very own….

Windmill in the outback
Past its used by date

These structures were to be seen everywhere on our recent trip to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.  This windmill was abandoned but once upon a time it was a vibrant, useful and necessary structure in the outback, providing a valuable water source to a dry, arid land.

I love that although only one panel is still holding on, and it could be overlooked as a broken down relic of the past, it still has a certain allure and stature.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Structure

Deb xx

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10 Replies to “A silent sentinel of the past”

  1. And now we have expensive ways using other sources of power to draw water – it seems our forebears were onto something here with their efforts to use wind power! I wonder if people stopped using these because some consider them ugly and a blight on the landscape!?!?

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